Shopping in Tunisia

Shops are usually open from 9.00 to 21.00-23.00 with a lunch break from 12.00 to 14.00.

You can bargain and you need almost everywhere. Like everywhere in the East, with the help of a bargaining, you can set the real price of the goods and get a certain pleasure from the process. In the markets ("Suk") Intensive bargaining is an urgent need, since prices for foreigners in such places are often overestimated three times (however, the locals claim that this is done for the sake of encouraging the art of a bargaining). The longer the buyer is traded and sophisticated, the more respect he deserves – this is the local axiom. If the compromise is not achieved for the price, you can safely leave, but must with a smile – either the seller will agree to sell the goods for the last title price, or there is a similar product in the next shop and cheaper.

Large shops are responsible for the quality of their goods, so expensive purchases better do exactly there. Bargain in such places is not accepted. It is practically useless to bargain in the mail, in grocery stores and large supermarkets, as well as in car rental agencies and in transport, although there are certain nuances.

Traditional Tunisian souvenir – "Sand rose", Crystal fossil education resembling flower. Also as a souvenir, you can buy products from ceramics, Berber decorations from silver, chasing, hookah ("Shish"), excellent local wines, olive oil, oriental sweets, the best in the east dates. When buying hookah you need to keep in mind that you often come across "souvenir" products that are practically impossible to use.

Tunisia carpets are also famous across the east, they are made here by Silk, Cashmere and Wool. Leather products should be purchased at large factories, where goods are of the best quality and has a guarantee. The carpet must have a state certificate of authenticity and quality, which is attached to the seal to its possession side. At the same time, old carpets can fall under the category of historical values ​​and take them out of the country without appropriate permission. Therefore, all the necessary documents when buying should pay special attention.

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Shopping in Tunisia

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Shopping in Tunisia

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