Shopping in the USA

US is a dream of any real shopaholic! In this country, it is waiting for fantastic conditions: in thousands of giant shopping centers, millions of goods are sold at very attractive prices.

Shopping Features in USA

Before rejoice in the numbers on the label, remember that in the United States it is customary to indicate the price without taxes, that is, 5-10 percent can be added to the initial price depending on the state. In most shops, you will easily be paid to both cash and plastic cards of the main payment systems.

If bought things broke out, but have not lost its freight look, you can easily pass them back. For how long – depends on the store. As a rule, traders compete with each other, offering the most convenient return rules. Of course, for shopping in the US, it would be nice to have at least minimal knowledge in English. However, there are sometimes in stores from Russia who speakers in the same language. And if you plan to spend an indecent amount, then in expensive boutiques you will be happy to provide a our-speaking shopping consultant.

Where to buy

If you have little time, and I want to buy a lot, we recommend going to "capital Cities" Shopping: In the east of the country, this is New York, Orlando, in the West – Los Angeles, San Francisco, in the south – Miami, in the center – Chicago.

Most often you will meet Wal-Mart Stores stores selling all sorts of goods and products and owned by one large network; Almost in every area of ​​the city you will see and brave-warehouses Self-service COSTCO. In scattered around the country very popular Masy’s should look at clothes and shoes, although electronics are sold there, but it is better to search for Best Buy Co. If you are interested in products, then at your KROGER supermarket chains, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, as well as small 7-Eleven.

Fans of the system "all at one price" waiting in the stores Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, where, as follows from the name, all goods cost 100 cents (just do not confuse with Dollar General – there prices may be higher).

Main types of shops in the USA

Get confused in the names of different outlets in the US is easier than simple. Therefore, shopping lovers should decide which stores you need, and learn several English words.

Shop – Normal, as a rule, a small store.

Store – Compared to Shop, usually larger store with different goods.

Fashion Loving Nemass Product may interest MOM & Pop Store – A small private shop, as a rule, located in the city’s business center. Thickets of things, as a rule, are not converted by millions of copies on all network department stores.

Department Store – Larger store with various goods, department store.

Cash & Carry – In this store, goods can only be bought in wholesale and cash, but at low prices.

And finally, the richest choice of goods will be in Mall – The giant shopping center, sometimes occupies a whole quarter, where many different shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas are under one roof. The only minus is usually Molls are outside the city.

Shopping time

Strict legislative restrictions on time for stores in the USA are not, however, for each state there may be its own characteristics. Small private stores usually work in our own schedule, but most of them are waiting for buyers from Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 17.thirty. Large supermarkets work from Monday to Saturday from 09.30 to 21.30, on Sundays – from 12.00 to 17.00, but meet and open around the clock.

Sale and discounts in US shops

Sale are held in the USA all year round: shops are trying to get rid of the shredded goods of old collections at the end of each season, necessarily reduce prices for large holidays, such as memory day (last Monday May), Independence Day (July 4).

The most ambitious shares are held in August-September and in December-January (winter usually gives "black Friday"). The biggest discounts (up to 60 percent) appear by the end of the sale, but at this time the choice of goods is very small, the desired size may not be.

Also in stores are held "Black days", when all goods can be purchased without taxes.

Shopping in the USA

The main event of the year for all shopping fans is the so-called "black Friday" (Black Friday), which is held after Thanksgiving (that is, the fourth Thursday of November). On this day, stores start work from early morning or even from late night and exhibit the lowest prices. If you decide to participate in this universal madness, be careful: since the first buyers have time to get the most significant discounts, huge queues are built before the shopping centers, when the doors open, the real battles begin for each dress, and the next day in the news even report the number of wounded.

Where in the USA sell goods with a discount

There are several types of shops for economical buyers. Constantly pass shares in the so-called Closeout Store. Interested fashion should be in the Discount Store – the store in which branded clothing is sold. The most famous network of such stores is TJ Maxx, where discounts reach 30-50 percent. But do not forget about the networks of Marshals, Ross, Gordmans, Burlington.

Outlet Mall – a big store where the goods are brought by the goods of old collections and sell them at discounted prices. Be careful: Sometimes things come across in such places. First of all popular brands worth looking for in stock stores Nordstrom Rack, Century 21, Daffy’s, Dear Products – Neiman Marcus.

Constantly buy goods on a reduced sales price can also be located in Supercenter – a large shopping center that combines many shops. Unlike Malls, there will not be a dozen restaurants, rinks and cinemas – only shopping!

How else can you save

Going to the store, find the item of the information or client service and tell you that you are a foreigner (most likely you will have to present a passport). For tourists in such department stores as Macy’s there are special discounts.

In American stores you can try "To bargain": If you put an eye on the expensive thing, call the manager and discuss the discount opportunity with him, for example, based on the fact that the subject of your dream has a slight defect, for some time it is on the showcase or a demonstration pattern, if else is the same All sold cheaper. Wishing to save recommend not to neglect coupons (coupon). Unlike Russia, in the US, they are very popular and, indeed, work! They are printed in newspapers or on the packages of goods, they will allow you to buy a discount.

Going to visit a large department store, be sure to go to his website on the eve: there will be information about discounts, special promotions, "Happy clock", There may be all the same coupons.

The shops

Shops usually work from Monday to Friday, with 9.30 to 17.30, but the official closing of the stores does not exist. Shopping centers and large department stores work from Monday to Saturday, with 9.30 to 21.30 (some – around the clock), on Sundays – from 12.00 to 17.00. Small private shops work according to individual graphics, which is sure to indicate a signboard or on the entrance door. Many shops are compactly collected either in shopping centers ("Mollach") or in one block or district. In all American stores, the price is specified without taxes, t. E. In fact, 5-10% below the amount that will have to pay. The amount of taxes that will need to pay extra for the cost of the goods depends on the legislation of this particular state or even the city (in the city of New York, for example, with goods worth up to $ 110 taxes are not charged at all). All taxes are paid at the checkout, when paying the goods itself.

Once a year, at the end of August (in 2007 it is August 17-19), in Texas is held "Weekend without taxes", During which all retail purchases are paid without charging all state and local taxes. As a result, these days savings are about 8%.

Shopping in the USA

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