Shopping in United Kingdom: Personal Experience

Main large grocery supermarkets are Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Marks&Spencer. They can buy meat, fish, vegetables, fresh bread, dairy products, household chemicals, ready salads and dishes. The latter has a division to shops selling food and clothing.

Large supermarkets are a bit, they are located far from the center. Basically presented shops for walking availability of these networks. They are not bad selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and sweets. Be sure to buy the juices of Innocent, they are very tasty and natural. But the choice of wine, fish, powders and hygienic goods is limited. Tea mainly in bags, pasta of one species. Clothes (even socks), pans, bed linen or towels, even a mop there can not buy.

A little mansion among food minor stores costs Iceland. It has a good choice of frozen fish, seafood, semi-finished products, ice cream, which is not in other networks.

All the mentioned giants have online stores, where the choice of goods is much more than in the largest of them in the real world. On the Internet you can buy an ironing board, kitchen utensils, furniture, children’s toys and equipment. Delivery of goods paid, and the price depends on the day of the week and the selected time.

Shops and shopping streets of London

Right near the marble arch starts Oxford Street Street (Oxford Street). The most favorite and famous street of all shopaholics of Europe stretches for 3 kilometers. Each first showcase calls you a simple and understandable word "Sale" to more than 500 most famous brands of the world. At the street (?1) There are own website and four metro stations:

Go to any station ("Marble Arch", "Bond Street", "Oxford Circus", "Tottenham Court Road") and go to the center. Here is a small list of the largest stores at Oxford Street: Selfridges (Selfridges) – one of the most famous and fashionable department stores Oxford Street. The store has sections of the most famous trendy houses as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bulgary, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Chanel, Chlo&# 233;, Chopard, Christian Dior, D&G, Dkny, Elle Macpherson, Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Longines, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Paul Smith, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Rolex, Sonia Rykiel , Stella McCartney, Vera Wang, Versace, Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent.

John Lewis – the Third Largest Universal Store in the UK. Opened in 1864. From January 1, 2008, John Lewis Shop Oxford Street received royal permission to carry out the supply of goods of haberdashery and household households of Queen Great Britain.

Marks & SPENCER – one of the largest retailers of universal stores in the UK. At the intersection of Oxford Street and Street Orshad is the company’s main store known under the name "Marx and Spencer Marble Arch", The area of ​​which reaches 16,000 m2.

Debenhams – the largest retail universal network store, which includes 153 stores in the UK and Ireland, as well as about 40 branches worldwide House of Fraser – as a large universal store offering goods only the highest quality and only the most famous global brands. Located in the luxurious Art Deco style building built in 1935. Also, this store is famous for the fact that it was here for the first time in the UK on each floor for the convenience of buyers escalators were installed. Primark – Flagship of the Irish Network of Fashion Clothes at Low Prices.

Pull and Bear – flagship network of trendy urban clothing stores of the Spanish company Inditex Group.

Nearby is another wonder of shopping. Bond Street (Bond-Street).The street received its name on behalf of Thomas Bond, the heads of the Syndicate of developers, which three hundred years ago bought the adjacent quarter, cleared the territory and began the rapid development of various real estate. Sometime Bond Street was most famous thanks to its antique becks and shops selling artwork. More than a hundred years on this street there was a London office of the Auction House Sotbis (Sotbis).

Markets and food networks in London

The most popular and widespread product networks of London are SainSbury’s Local, Marks&SPENCER (yes, yes, here it is not only clothes, but also products) and Tesco Express. Prices in stores are quite lifting, – by 10 pounds you can dial products for good picnic on the grass of some of the parks. Fortunately, plastic spoons, forks, knives can be taken for free.

In general, it can be noted that the choice of products in supermarkets is not very different from Russia. Basically I bought various sandwiches, which in London are abundant. As elsewhere in Europe, there are a good selection of cheeses for quite reasonable prices. But sweet toes will have to temper appetite. Supermarket buns are not very impressive – there are only basic varieties (with cinnamon, "Ikeevskaya" with walnut, french chocolate, and.T.D.). At the same time, there are no own bread furnaces in stores, so bakery products – imported and cold. Alternatively, one of the tourists advised to buy in SainSbury’s Local branded cookies, but we did not use it. For lovers of sweet rather successful acquisition, I consider yoghurts and puddings, among which in Tesco Express I even found pudding from 3 chocolate varieties for some trivial price. Again, you can buy various fruits, for example, a green juicy little Spanish melon or a very large cherry, but I did not meet any special exotic.

Still in Britain were fascinated, expressing scientific, "discrimination of a second degree". Namely: the purchase of two and more identical goods will cost you less purchase of the same goods separately. That is why it hangs not only the price tag for 1 unit in the product, and for 2 units. Sometimes the considerations of savings and and common sense have to take 2 identical products.

Drinks in supermarkets also have for every taste and color. From non-alcoholic truth, I can’t advise anything to advise, because nothing special found. The same colas, a peach taste mineral water, strawberries, as well as other fruits and berries called Volvic, Fruit Juices, Berry Mixes Oasis. What I do not advise you to buy, – so it’s a mojito in a bottle in Marks&Spencer. The most optimal non-alcoholic acquisition can be considered a liter bottle of mineral water with an apple or lemon taste in Tesco Express, which costs only about 50 cents, while a bottle of 0.33 with a special comfortable lid there is even more.

Finally, it is worth noting that in British supermarkets there are no queues for each cashier – there is a common spiral-like queue in all cash registers as at the airport. Accordingly, the locals do not stand in this queue, but pay for purchases through special automata, which is not so easy, since it is not only necessary to find the right product in the computer, but also to spend it so that the barcode is considered, as well as if necessary Weighed, I.T.D. So if you are not local and do not be friends with a computer, welcome to the usual cashier. It will meet you or Hindu, or a black African American, which will ask what your feelings from London. At the exit from the store, you will see racks with a glamorous yellow press, but the fact that we are called the newspaper "life", There will be unfamiliar or partially familiar English words.

In addition to supermarkets, there are markets, but they still need to find. "London markets are a separate story – you can tell about them for a long time, but it is better to visit them themselves. These are not just markets where you can buy, anything, ranging from farm products and craft items and ending with expensive antique things, there is some special atmosphere and mood. For more information about the markets and their location here: Tourism-London.RU / SIGHTS / 73-RYNKI-LONDONA.HTML", – writes one of the tourist. Nevertheless, on the Embankment of the Thames on an equal distance from Taura and the Cathedral of St. Paul on the opposite party from them next to a small chapel we found a real market. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables, Pakhlava, Rakhat Lukuma – In general, everything that creates flavor to such markets. We really didn’t buy anything there, because they were full, however, in another situation, would undoubtedly tried something.

Shops and department stores London

Even if you are absolutely indifferent to the shop, it is worth going on "Excursion" in famous "Alfedovsky" Harrods, as well as in the store at the beginning of Piccadilly Street (unfortunately, I do not remember the name).

If we talk about Harrods, it is located in the respectable area of ​​London near "Hyde Park" and elite areas of Chelsea and Lanesborough. Actually, according to the abundance of young girls with Harrods and our speech packages, it becomes clear where the local gum or Central GUM) is located in London)). Harrods amazes with its powerful look outside, for the store itself is already an architectural landmark. Inside the store almost at any time there are crowds of the people, and obviously not buyers, but tourists. And they can be understood – such a luxury did not dream of neither the GUU, nor TsUU together. The organization itself on the thematic basis deserves praise. But the main thing is the eastern pathos, with which it is all furnished. "The halls are decorated with a truly barbaric pomp and splendor, but in full accordance with the contents of the counters. Mermaids bend under the weight of huge shells, peacocks in the royal crowns sing about heavenly pleasures, grape clusters of a chandelier shouting thousands of lights, the stucco ceiling continues in the columns that support him", – admires one of the tourists. It is also worth noting that escalators are moving between the floors, called "Egyptian". At the same time, there are balconies on each floor, which are clamped on the railing gracefully dressed mannequins and with whom, by the way, love to be photographed tourists. And on the top floor "department store" Sphinx sends. In general, Harrods shakes.

By the way, some guidebooks wrote that in Harrods you can buy thoroughbred puppies and cars. Nevertheless, we did not find them there, but paid attention to Harrods Estate – agency for the sale of elite real estate. It is noteworthy that he was taken out of the store in a separate room. Also in Harrods, if necessary, you can visit the toilet if you find it. So how to do it – meaning to go through a whole quest, and the store guards will rather be confused than actually help.

In addition to clothes, furniture, household appliances or phones in Harrods, you can buy and go, – on the first floor of the store there is a small supermarket, and next to it is a corporate confectionery. Prices do not bite, – We bought in the confectionery strawberry Cheese-Cake and Tiramisu. Tiramisu justified expectations, but Cheese-Cake – nothing special. But it’s nice to realize that you bought something in Harrods and solemnly walk around the city with his package.

In turn, "Minus first" floor "department store" Located Monument Princess Diana and Doddi Alfa. It cannot be said that it organically fits into this building, but still, passing by, it is impossible not to pay attention to him. "The memorial looks modest – compared to the scale of everything else: in the oval twisted framework – beautiful photographic portraits of Diana and Dodi, many burning candles, flowers", – writes one of the tourists. The way it is.

Another shop for excursions is located at the beginning of Piccadilly Street, but after Harrods he is no longer impressive. In turn, stores are not for excursions, but for shopping, you can find on Oxford Street. Primark deserves most of all (OXFORD STREET 499-517). Before you visit, we paid attention to a huge number of people with packages of this store. Intrigued we went inside. Something unimaginable has reigned in the store – people took clothes like hot cakes, hangers were lying on the floor, and there was just a space queue from people who bought themselves not one wardrobe. The price tags on clothes were surprised at least – a good and stylish sweater could be bought less than 10 pounds, socks and underwear – almost 1 pound. No less cheap cost T-shirts, shirts, jackets and other clothes. In comparison with Moscow prices, everything was just given to in vain. True, to buy anything, you need to gain patience and defend this whole thing, which however moved not so slowly. As for the quality of clothing, when you are dressing it, then, of course, in London itself, after a fleeting look, you will understand where you bought. But in Russia, we can safely say that they purchased in London)). What is the secret of this store, we did not understand. But one friend expressed such an explanation: they say, the store is significantly subsidized by the state, so it comes in sales of costs with a minimum mark. The state is needed in macroeconomic purposes, namely to maintain high demand for national currency – Pound. How easy it is to guess, with such sales, a very significant turn is generated daily, people are forced to acquire goods for pounds, buying them, which goes on the hand of pound as national currency.

Shopping in London

I will tell you about shopping. Today we were in Biceester Village. It’s an hour’s drive from London. On the car ride uncomfortable. From Marbon Station, trains depart to the station BICESTER NORD. Further – 3 minutes shuttle to the village itself. This is such a discount town. There are Valentino, and Celine, and Christian Dior, and Paul Smith, and Dolce with Gaban, and Diana Background Fürstenberg, and a lot more. Find a website and see. Ticket to the village costs 20 pounds there and back. The price includes shuttle.

Very big store Ralph Laurent. Girlfriend bought sweaters of 49 pounds, which is the gift for this brand. Price funny and on T-shirts – 20 pounds. In Diana Fürstenberg a lot of different good, the choice is huge. Say that for nothing. From 170 pounds knitted dresses.

I am struck by the Loro Piana – settled the sale of pants, do not faint, 30 pounds per couple! Actually, Laura Piana – just what should go to the BICESTER. Yes, scarves are very bitpathed at the same time – 150-300 pounds at least for Cashmere Cashmere. But the sweaters from 80 to 150 pounds, that for Laura is drunk – freebies.

Shopping in the UK Personal Experience

Very good prices for Celine bags. 291 pound for standard rectangular style. Big choice "Sevenov", But prices are not sales – 100 pounds per couple. Many Berbury. I just do not like this company, and so – a huge shop. Good male pieces come across. Paul Smith – one frustration is very expensive. But very correct prices for TEMPERLY dresses – 259 pounds per evening.

There are marines, quite expensive – from 180 pounds for Melkashka to 400 pounds for a decent thing. Amazing cashmere Pringle for 49 pounds. Freshing Aquautum beautiful. Jimmy Choo shoes – I never understood what a buzz of this shoe. Well, and a lot of all types of Hobb’s, Jigsaw, Ani Hindmarch, LK Benett, Ted Baker and Other.

Many clothes for the kids, including Laranovskaya. There is a shop of swimsuits from Liz Herley. Yes, and there is a discount Wolford – 9 pounds. And who at least once is like in Wolford, the other tights are contrary to the hands and in the legs.

Men’s shops are very good. There are Zenia, Dunchill, Berbury, Laura Drunk, Laurent and a pile of purely male sports priblud. I never understood the shoes Tod’s. I’m also narrow and uncomfortable. But for lovers – there is where to roast. Men’s models are good, the choice is big. 43 running less remains, but still – there is.

Purchase of electronics in the UK

T.To. I have already passed all the stages from buying before the export of goods from the country, I will answer in order for the questions you asked earlier. I will make a reservation that I bought electronics.

1. All the goods you buy can be unpacking and use. If the goods are working and everything suits you, then you can get rid of the boxes, t.To. When returning a VAT, no one is doing to your boxes, the main thing is that the goods are, which in principle also check very rarely, but if you buy something for friends who live in England and just want to save a little, that is, a chance that nothing will not work. Although if you chat on broken English and pretend that nichrome do not understand and t.NS. then most likely all the paper will be issued to you and will not mess with you!

From my experience, check the goods should. I bought a MacBook Pro, who actually turned out to be defective and I had to drag him in the store and change it to the new. There were no problems with this, checked for marriage, issued the necessary paper and replaced the new apparatus.

2. Regarding the transport of several bags and so on. In the tricky at the moment it seems there are no problems and restrictions on the provision of several bags, as it was before. Laptops asked to lay out and transport in separate baskets. This time everything was extremely simple – things threw into a basket, a backpack and a cellophane package with some kind of shopping, too, went calmly, took things and ran further. T.E. Apparently it all depends on some events in the country, the world and so on. It also depends a lot on what company you fly. I flew Aeroflot, perhaps also therefore such light customs control.

3. Restrictions really are. But if you buy for yourself a laptop, photo equipment and carry it all without boxes in a backpack, then even if they don’t get it, then nothing will be proved, t.To. When flying from the country, the customs officers themselves will most likely be sent to you wherever you want to fill out the declaration of exported equipment. It is necessary more for people who bring with them a large number of all sorts of equipment. Also in some countries, it is proposed to postpone professional photos and video equipment at the entrance to the country, here in this case you already need to know the laws of the country and understand what will be threatened if you stop when you arrive and disassemble.

Additionally about Vat.

Different stores have different rules for making VAT. I will not paint in detail about different organizations, forms, etc. I just say that if you want to return Vat, then you need to buy goods in stores that participate in this moving and return to you by VAT after you leave the country. Vat can be returned as money directly at the airport in the Tax Free Return Zone, and they can return money to your card for a month. If you are issued in the Tax FREE form store to return local VAT, you will take a certain amount of money for the design of this form (depends on the store) + you will still take money directly at the airport for the same procedure and actually what you have From this VAT you will be returned in local currency (it is also possible to return in dollars or some other currency depends on the country).

For example, I bought a laptop in London in the store John Lewis, and there I took about 37 pounds for the design of the TAX Free + form … about 5 pounds already at the airport, when directly returned Vat money. And the most important thing is that if you buy several different things, pay for them for example from different cards and you will have two or more checks, then you will make so many pieces of paper, how many checks do you have and, accordingly, for each design will be removed (amount, I think depends on the cost of goods). For example, we paid one card, but two different checks, t.To. Initially, we wanted to pay for different cards, but one of them was fail to pay and therefore paid for two times by one card, and for the design of Tax Free for two purchases of us took about 80 pounds.

In another store, where we bought a phototechnology, we were issued everything in the same form and took only 5 pounds for it, but it turned out that for such a blank the refund takes place on a map during the month. T.E. on the form of living money at the airport can not be obtained!

Action in this case such. You make up the form, you make all your purchases in it, count Vat, some part of the form you fill yourself (your data, your card number), then after passing the customs control at the airport, go all the same Tax Free design zone and get The cherished stamp on its piece of paper, after which you have to another zone where you take an envelope and buy brands, put all checks into the envelope, decorated return form (after making all copies of documents, maybe it is lost!) Seal the envelope, glue 1 march and throw in the mailbox that stands in the same zone. After this procedure, sit and wait for the money will fall. During the month, they must return to your card account (I still have about 20 days and did not drop anything).

That’s actually what is the case, if you conceived to buy something in England and do not want to return some money back. Also, many firms for all cameras, computers, telephones and other campaigns can return money to the company themselves manufacturers and write about it in stores. In such cases, you give you some form and convert. Blanks after purchasing goods are filled, the manufacturer is invested in the converter somehow returns to you the promised amount. And not confused it with VAT – these are completely different things and does not interfere with one another!

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