Shopping in the UAE

Emirates – one of the most attractive countries for shopaholics. Gold and jewelry, appliances and carpets, fur coats and unique Arab souvenirs – all this after a small bargaining can be bought at very pleasant prices.

Features of shopping in the UAE

In major cities – such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi – you can find large modern luxuriously decorated with similar palace shopping centers, where in spacious air-conditioned halls you will find thousands of goods from around the world, among which there are budget clothing and shoes such brands like H&M, Topshop, Zara, expensive things from Chanel, Christian Dior and the like, as well as local Arab brands. Most major world manufacturers are represented in the Emirates, and because of low import duties and the lack of a number of taxes, things are often cheaper than in many other states.

If you managed to spend a lot of money in Mall, then you should contact his service center: it is probably for free to take your purchases to the hotel for free, and the most expensive large-sized goods will be able to even send to Russia. Note that delivery to the hotel takes one or two days, that is, before reaching the use of this service is not worth.

We definitely recommend visiting any market that in Arabic is called "Suk". Old Eastern Tradition has been preserved in the UAE "specialization" Bazarov: Usually for gold, you can go on the golden market, for spices – to the market of spices, there are places where we trade only by machinery or animals, fabrics or carpets, furniture or spirits. If you used to walk in such places, it was uncomfortable, now many emirate markets from indiscriminate chaotic bazaars have become real shopping centers uniting many shops that resembles European boutiques.

If you fly out of Dubai, you should save money for the Duty Friend Store – the largest in the world!

UAE National Currency – Dirharm. However, sometimes in the markets and in small stores it is possible to agree and pay for the purchase by dollars or euros.

In emirate small stores and, of course, in the markets, it is necessary to bargain – this will significantly reduce the price, even if it is indicated on the label. Sellers go to meet especially willingly if you are going to buy a lot of goods and you will pay cash. In large shopping centers, prices are usually fixed, nevertheless it is still worth asking the merchant, the last price is: probably there is some kind of action, and under certain conditions (for example – again cash payments!) price can be reduced.

In most shops and sometimes plastic cards are accepted in the markets. Problems may occur in small private shops: Emirate sellers more like to deal with "Live" money, so sometimes cheat buyers, reporting that the payment terminal does not work.

In Mollah and major stores, sellers are usually able to express at least in English, but more and more often you can meet personnel talking in our. In tiny shops, it is quite rare to find aborigines communicating exclusively in Arabic, but their desire to sell goods makes them extremely dying, and problems in communication are extremely rare.

"Underwater rocks" Shopping in Dubai

Despite all the advantages of shopping in the Emirates every year it becomes less and less profitable: prices are gradually growing. In addition, sellers spend too many funds for different advertising tricks, prizes, which in the end increases the numbers in the price tag.

Really good quality things that previously always famous for the UAE are increasingly replaced by cheap Chinese fakes. Especially attentive worth being when buying electronics and fur.

Clothing and shoes of firms known to you in stores in Emirates may differ, because individual collections are created for the Middle East countries.

On the streets in the Emirates still can be found "Sit down", inviting visit one or another store to buy at the best prices jewelry or fur coats. It is not worth using their services: you will be given in the usual shop, and the price you will be offered, will be higher by 10-20 percent, which, as a commission, will get your "assistant".

Shopping time in the UAE

Large shops and shopping centers work from 08: 00-09.00 to 20: 00-22.00 hours or even longer. Small outlets can do a long day break – close from about 13:00 to 16:00. Day off across the country – Friday, everything is closed in the first half of the day, but after lunch some stores are already happy to buyers. In addition, a number of outlets can be closed in the afternoon on Thursday and not work on Saturdays.

Markets mainly work on store schedules.

Shopping in the UAE

Special store mode stores adhere to Ramadan (it lasts during the month, the start and end dates each year are shifted, because they are calculated along the lunar calendar). During this period, shops can work from sunset until late evening.

Discounts and sales in the UAE

In the UAE, all sorts of sales are held yearly, but the biggest discounts are waiting for you during the post Ramadan. Also famous for a significant decline in Dubai Shopping Festival (Dubai Shopping Festival), which takes place in January-February. At this time, the holiday atmosphere reigns throughout the Emirate: stores reduce prices by 60-70 percent, numerous prizes and lottery draws are held, the sky in the evening with fireworks.

Another big trading holiday – Festival "Summer surprises" (Dubai Summer Surprises), which takes place in Dubai at the hottest season.

The exact dates of these events are slightly shifted, you need to specify them for each year.

It is worth considering that such festivals are profitable to buy expensive "Laksheri"-goods, while prices for budget clothes and shoes if changing, then almost imperceptibly.

The shops

Open with 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.30, Friday – day off. Many small outlets and supermarkets are open and on Friday from 16.00 to 20.00. In the period of Ramadan, stores work with 9.00 As usual, in the evening closes for the period "Iftara" (evening talk), and then continue to work up to 24.00 and later.

Everywhere, especially in private shops and in the markets, one should bargain – to bring down the price is two times fairly easy.

Shopping in the UAE

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