Shopping in the UAE: Personal Experience

I decided to make a surprise wife and bring her to the Emirates to relax and at the same time buy her a fur coat for her birthday.

Hotel chose Al Seed Garden.

Arrival, we were accompanied to the hotel and we settled to my room. The number, of course, is chic, and the view is generally poured. The wife was pleased. The next day we talked with a guide to find out where and how to buy a fur coat.

After the conversation, a woman was approached, allegedly a tourist and strongly recommended to buy a fur coat at the hotel, said that everything is working illegally and we simply not take a fur coat. Decided to go and see.

Prices just space, on fur coats Labels Made in China. There is almost no choice. In general, we could not buy anything. But I asked for interest to provide passports on a fur coat and a store license.

The seller refused to do this and spent us out of the store gross review. Saying that this is not our business and do not need to climb. Hamlo.

As a result, we found a tourist company opposite our hotel, which took us free to a very good store with a large selection of fur coats and for a reasonable amount. Wife chose a gorgeous white mink and very cheap (as she says) compared to our prices. They were all right with documents. Immediately all shown and told! be careful!

And what shopping in Dubai!

Do not go to this store!

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall affects her scale. 1.2 million square meters are you not a joke! First time you even forget about the stores and just look around. Especially in the evening beautiful – palm trees are highlighted, singing fountains are very beautiful, you can sit in a cafe but an open area and looked around, enjoy the views. Cafe, all sorts of restaurants in Dubai Mole is a lot. They are not only on the first floor, but also upstairs. Of course, there is "our" McDonalds. I wanted to resist and there is only a colorful local Arab food, but did not hold. It seemed to me that the taste of food a little different.

By one day the whole store can not. I think that it is impossible for two days, if you carefully walk and watch everything. In it, except for shops, many all world-famous attractions – a giant aquarium with a submarine pipe, a zoo, a waterfall with falling people, skating rink, cinemas and even a hotel!

Shops a lot, I would even say sooooo a lot and for every taste. Clothes, shoes, bags, decorations, electronics, children’s things and t.D. and T.NS. But I experienced disappointment, because the prices for branded things are the same as we have in Moscow and except for a couple of jeans, bags and barenes, I did not buy anything. Well, T-shirts there all sorts of Zara I do not consider. But on the technique, electronics, phones prices are low, you can take. But I have no such need, so to somehow get rid of the disappointments of the failed shopping, I went to look at the aquarium and in the pipe. It is very fascinating! Standing in the pipe do not even understand until the end of you are real sharks! And on the aquarium you can see infinitely! And it is better to do this not on the first floor, where there is always a lot of people around him crowds, and on two floors above – everything can be seen and no one bothers.

Buying fur coats in Dubai

The goal was shopping by high-quality bike.

Earlier, in Moscow, there was a circle of stores of mandatory for visiting, studying non-silent fur, marketing prices and a model range.

Although I have already clearly knew all the criteria for your product: not a long 65-70cm, a hood / collar-sable or English collar, not a transverse (T.To.already there), belt.,R-P44, a budget of $ 5-6, which could significantly simplify the choice and reduce the search time, as it seemed earlier.

Of course started with chrysos. Excellent high-quality Fur BG, there are sicks, there are sable. Mostly classic. Unfortunately I couldn’t choose anything there. Prices seemed not cheap, although the owner (probably) was ready to bargain and inferior in price. The impression of the store and the owner remained very positive. For a fabulous long fur coat with Cobro Sobol, the final price called 8500.

Avanti and Manzari combined. To. Impressions from visiting and fitting in these stores remained about the same and not the best. Not everyone remember that I watched, only moments remembered. To the request to show products from BG In one of the shops, I was carried by a fur coat which was probably a secondary brother with BG, the prices were also raised from the planned budget, but we were assured about good discounts, they tried to put a larger coat, after my perturbation of the inconsistency of the size proposed "Switching to fuck". Everything is unnecessarily intrusive and voltable happened in these stores. I did not find my size again, there was nothing to bargain! Desire to stay longer in these stores was not completely.

There were some other stores that do not even deserve time for familiarity with the range, prices and reviews. Briefly offered cheap junk.

I suggested the owner of the fur coat in my image and size. Short-lived bg hooded decoration sable. That’s just in this fur coat I did not suit something. Not village. Although the price suggested, seeing my doubts, the final $ 4,4,000, trying to convince me sincerely. But still not clinging! Left this option as a spare. Although the owner-well done, did not drive and did not give. The impression of the store is as very good.

Something good long with a sober looked at Nicholas Furs, but the price tag.

The idea that to figure out the pile of infinite coiled shops, looking for its size, the desired quality of fur, the model, the fitting exactly to me and kill it another day or more. became increasingly threatening! A visit to Brush and ego scared with its not childish prices, they never reached them.

The more I went and Meryl, the less I had a chance to solve this question for myself in the planned budget, not tightening hard and not killing. And here Mosino! A visit to them left for sweet or extreme. He was written off with them repeatedly before the trip, he voiced all his wannesses, informed Nicholas about the bottom of his visit and time. I do not hide, got warm answers! They assured that they will definitely choose a coat suitable for me.

In Sheikh Latif Bilding made through as experienced partisan scouts, did not want to bring "tail" and transfer because of this possible and long-awaited choice and the moment of purchase. Agreed in advance, as we act if you adhere to scatter. "So just now you will not be given!": – Rollually decided we! Almost turned out, and the attacked kamaka deceived and "Reward tail" Vacuated with her daughter on the stairs at the elevator and "running out" (according to the exhaust scheme) in different directions. The meeting place number 14 was known for previously.

Nicholas met very warmly, on a friendly, found out according to the correspondence (I have a photo there). Unfortunately, the short and planned as a purchase in my size 44 the choice was almost minimal, in Soboliya nothing, only long. And in general, I can not say that the store is clogged with a huge number of fur coats, I expected to see more. But BG hang everything as under the car, in one fur! Other not watched. It came / leaving the people, constantly someone at once, and the seller- the girl is only alone. There were ours. Then he himself chose the only fur coat that, he said, should have come exclusively for me. She waited for me! It came up everything as it is impossible! Daughter who carefully tracked the entire approximate model range in all stores, approved: "This best!". But it was completely different from the planned fur coat. Long 110cm chic BG, Sable English.Collar / Hood. Fur as a solid, solid and so much thick that the megrin almost did not break down, and despite the fact that she was sewn into the dissolution, with a white and gentle-gentle insolon, sable, just a chic, not the one that we watched in Moscow! Yes classic, but the model looked and sat just a pipette! Sold for 9.5. In Avanti, this with a fur strongly inferior by quality was 11.5 with trading 8.5 would be given. I calculated a little long, I explained for a long time, I explained that there were only two of them, I sold the same size without trading and discounts, they went fascinated, did not ask disclutions, bought, I melt and did not offer. But you will be ready to give for . (I will not call the amount)!. A lot told about the wonderful fur of this fur coat, demonstrating his quality, assured that the fur coat stitched into the dissolution is more expensive in his work and flowed and the product sits down elegant and it looks expensive.

I believe you!- I said. Putting her second, or twenty second time, said Nikos, that I will not shoot and I will go to her. I would bought for this money that I suggested (I noted for myself), but maybe it’s still for. (I will not voice). And we will all be very satisfied with the meeting, a deal, acquaintance?! -I am fun but confidently asked me. Alas and yes, she was very sacred because of the planned budget.

There were no other trades! I am almost sure that Nikos, like me, remained as pleased with the ease and ease of such acquaintance and business! To suck where the bottom of the pricing of this product did not want, although it could still be a tongue to scratch a tongue, in the sense to bargain, for sports interest. But such a desire did not arise.

I’m just delighted with a gorgeous fur coat and probably a very generous discount, to say more precisely, from a very reasonable and attractive price for which I bought this fluffy beauty. I am pleased to hand over a specially brought our souvenir, for such cases. I am sure with our traditions, he is already familiar. They said goodbye like close and warm friends, even kissed goodbye! Do not be offended for me for me! Daughter what is happening captured in the photo. Nicholas and her looked in Lobik for Otrat.

Impressions about the store and about his host. Well, you yourself, I am sure, already understood! I was lucky to find what I liked it very much. At the same time not to stick yourself and loved ones in multi-day search for unprecedented and fabulously cheap fur happiness, to do without many hours of exhaustive trading with playing scenes and drammatic paintings and enjoy the sacking time jewelery for relaxing andlable and long-awaited recreation!

Shopping in Dubai: fur coats, consoles and decorations

About Shub. Before the trip, read reviews, wrote out the address shops of the fur coat. Although there lives our friend, I was afraid that he would not have time to walk with us. But fears are in vain, he met us on the Nasserishver, and he led to the expensive boutiques, so that we were trying on themselves, watched what the expensive fur did it look. Then he led in the middle at prices, bought 3 fur coats of Sarzhianis, Greek, one for themselves, and two home. Fur is excellent, still different from what is sold from our market and in shopping centers.

I liked it, I agree with those reviews what was written before, here you need to bargain. Myself took a fur coat in the floor rr 46-48 without a hood, mom is ordinary classic color walnut length 120 cm rr-p 54, daughter-in-law Rf 44 cross-hooded cross, sleeve is done 3/4, 2 belts were given as a gift, long gloves. Bargaining was good, t.To. bought in one place. But I will make a reservation right away that there are no cheap good coats.

Shopping in the UAE Personal Experience

Bought on Nasser Sony Planey 3 and with 2 joystick original for 270 dollars. It was possible to buy a semi-professional photo pattern, we were offered Nikon for $ 230., we have it costs 450-500 dollars. But we did not take what I am sorry.

There are small departments to Nasser to sell chimpets, scarves are real Chinese for 20-40 dirham, 100% Cotton, such pretty, I regretted that I didn’t take them my relatives and myself, just when we went there already and the choice was left , T.To. From Moscow, a woman purchased a lot. I thought, I would come back there, or I will find another department, but how to skip the remaining days to excursions, never reached there.

My advice: I liked something, besides, it is better to take, because you don’t return there, it is not only the handquets in my case, but also in the spice market there were dicks in chocolate, scrubs for the body, as well as eyeliner , they were just 5 dirham after bargaining, it was necessary to take a few))

Husband bought a leather jacket firm tarza. The skin is different from the fact that in our city, and jacket and glove, such a soft leather.

Regarding the excursions, we used the services of Alladina, I advise at the beginning, a few days 1-2 days to be sick (if you have 7 days a trip), and then enjoy excursions. We took overview for Dubai, Jeep safari, a trip to the Indian Ocean.

Alone bought tickets on Bourge Califa, and Ferrari Park. If you are in the Bourge Califa, take only a couple of photos, no longer needed – all the money is not small. In general, I liked everything, 7 days turned out to be little, I want to come.

Purchase of equipment in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai

We arrived in Dubai for a fur coat and a jacket for her husband, the rest on the residual principle.Before traveling from tourists reviews, the coordinates of the shop Shubne, there and went.Metro Union, Nasser Square, in Abarage Center, 4th floor, office 406-owned Janis, Seller Nina. Bought a fur coat from North American mink for $ 3100 with a bargaining, the initial price was 3900. Nina is a very good advice, and they have real prices. In Dr.Salons on such a fur coat Price initial more than 5000 dollars.

My husband also bought a good Italian jacket (crocodile skin) on Nasser Square at the beginning, after the Chinese children’s store, did not remember the name on the 1st floor. At first there was no appropriate size, we were brought smaller from Sharjah, we bought it there later later. From 990 dollars to 550 dollars.Sellers are very consistent our-speaking.

Large selection of hours for every day, bought 4 hours. Some man’s, 3 women. Approximate price of 120 dollars for one watch-trading, appropriate! Smile, kidit – they love it. Many copies of famous chapter brands for the same 100-150 dollars.

Shopping in the UAE. Do not use the services called!

Shopping in Dubai: Impressions and advice

You can buy a lot of things in Dubai ๐Ÿ™‚ As for the equipment, it really makes sense to buy something there. At prices: Difference with Moscow on video, laptops percent 15-20. On Apple Products (iPhone / iPad) Difference even more. Bought ipad2. Satisfied ๐Ÿ™‚ His new acquaintances helped choose a video camera and laptop. It is better to take laptops in small shops, t.To. They are mainly from Canada and states, they have a keyboard only with English letters (as opposed to major centers, where the Arabic symbols are also used except Latiza), here you can order a laser engraving of our letters for $ 25. Price normal. There are features with a fork / power supply (pay attention to it) and a guarantee (it makes sense to choose manufacturers with international guarantee TOSHIBA, ASUS and T.D.). The spouse is not bad in all this understands, always in the subject, at prices easily focused on. All these shops are mainly on Nasser. You can bargain a little, if interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

My weakness is perfume ๐Ÿ™‚ To say that I just bought – nothing to say! Found a shop where there were a lot of testers. Prices pleased! Nasser leaves a street where shops selling perfume, a lot. I took in Ali Hussaini Perfumes. This is their sign. But prices are different everywhere. Through the store from them to some positions prices were twice as high.

Were in the gold market. Gold a lot, but not worthy did not find anything. Rainy prices. Products as an ax chopped. Did not like anything. Our our is still better ๐Ÿ™‚

When they returned with the Gold Souk, it was closed for another street trading with pashminamins, prostine, scarves (100% cotton). The quality is just amazing! (Bought a lot of things). They got burned great, it was interesting! In Duty Free, then they saw the same Pashmina at 10 (!) times more expensive.

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