Shopping in the Philippines

Philippines. SM Mall of Asia in Manila

The SM Mall of Asia Shopping Center is, as they say the largest in South Africa and the fourth in the world in size, is located in the Pasay City area on the ocean. This is a real city. Read more →

sindzidaisya | May 2014

Unexpected Philippines. Visit to Hilear. Tested on me

About the trip to the outback about. Luzon. We will fall into a provincial town, visit the most luxurious restaurant, make a visit to the real Philippine Hieler and the follow-up to this mysterious and mystical events. Read more →

Max64ru | spring 2013

Boracay: Fish Day – D&# 39; Talipapa

To Boraca, we did not prepare. According to reports and reviews, they realized that they had nothing to catch there, except for the sun. One day, apparently it was Thursday, t.To. It turned out to be very fish, we went to the market read more →

Sirtemid | January 2013

Shopping in the Philippines

Manila – a few faces of one city

We will live in Makati (hotels, offices, shopping centers, wide streets). In the hotel called "Shangri La". Everything is very beautiful and convenient, and the pool located on the roof. Read more →

Skoltsov Victor | February 2012

Philippines: Manila, Tala and Boracay

The weather is very changeable, despite the dry season, sometimes rains were. Briefly but were. Somehow the whole day was raining with small breaks. Outcome: There is nothing to do in Manila (only Roma to catch it), I liked the volcano Tala, Boracay -Found, but no more than 1 time, many people. Did not like permanent extra. Fees and pseudo-safe. Read more →

Shopping in the Philippines

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