Shopping in the Netherlands

The Netherlands do not often become a goal of shopping tours, because there are Germany next to there, where offers more, and the prices are below. However, if you are not going to cross the border, and you want to get acquainted with the shops of the country "Low lands", then you have to consider some local features.

Shopping Features in the Netherlands

As with all Europe on the streets of the Netherlands Cities, you can find the usual "H&M", "Topshop", "Zara" and similar stores. Prices are not much lower than in Russia, but the choice of goods popular around the world of brands is usually more, new collections are promoted to the counters.

There are also unique Dutch brands: Collections for women Bandolera and Easy Comfort, Men’s clothing State of Art, J.C. Rags – prices for such clothes higher, but probability to meet later in the homeland "twin" far less.

It is believed that it is not accepted to bargain in the Netherlands, nevertheless, in small private stores, you may well meet to meet and sell the goods cheaper, especially if you take a few things, and the merchant obviously moved so long ago to Europe from somewhere from Asia. Be sure to discuss the price in flea markets – there is often able to reduce it by 20-50 percent.

If in one store you have purchased goods by more than 50 euros, it is worth asking to arrange a Tax-Free check, and then when crossing the border, if you don’t forget to put a stamp at customs, you can return the amount of the amount spent.

Plastic Cards and Cash

Unlike many countries in Europe in the Netherlands it is impossible to feel comfortable with a bank card, because far from every store will agree to accept it. In some outlets, you will take only exclusively Visa, in others you prefer MasterCard, and in some reason and agree at all "Gift" "plastic" Only from local national banks. In addition, more recently, almost in all stores have ceased to accept cards without chip (that is, only those that, instead of signaty, you need to enter a PIN code). All these misunderstandings with cards arise both in large solid supermarkets, and in small bears.

It would seem that you can, in the old manner, take with you on a trip several bills of solid dignity, however, with cash in the Netherlands, too, are also quite often problems. At the box office of some stores, there are warnings that they do not take 100-eurous (and sometimes even 50-e-banknotes). Is it necessary to mention that bills in 200, and even more so 500 euros in the stores of this country are completely useless? Small delivery, 1-2 euros and eurosets are also not always, running and swapped from sellers is not accepted, they provide it to buyers.

Therefore, going to the shopping in the Netherlands, you need to stock up a thick bundle of bills at 5, 10 and 20 euros, metal "Euromelocha" and plastic chip maps of all possible payment systems.

Shopping time

In recent years, in the Netherlands, the duration of the stores is gradually increasing. But still in provincial cities, small especially private shops can open in 10.00-11.00 and closed already in 16.00-18.00. Supermarkets are usually waiting for buyers from Tuesday to Friday from 09.00-10.00 to 18.00-19.00, and once a week on Thursday or Friday they work until 21.00-22.00. On Saturday, a shortened day – store doors dissolved to 16.00-17.00. On Sunday, most shops are closed. On Monday morning, too, it is impossible to buy anything, because sellers come to serve at 11.00-13.00. Hypermarkets work longer: from Monday to Friday they are ready to serve customers from 08.00-09.00 to 20.00-22.00, but Saturday and Sunday too "Observe". Also much longer and even without days off stores are open in popular tourist destinations.

Shopping in the Netherlands

Large famous markets usually work like shops – from Monday to Friday from 10.00-11.00 and close in 17.00-18.00, bazaars and flea markets in small towns are more often open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from about 09.00 to 15.00.

Discounts and sales in Holland

Strict dates of the beginning and end of sales in the Netherlands. However, store owners are guided by the general principles: in winter prices are beginning to decline in late November-early December, and 70 percent can reach the January discounts, although the choice of goods at this time is already small. In the summer, new price tags appear in June, and the sale of sales falls for July and August. If you are a supporter of some company or one network of stores, be sure to look at her site before traveling. In the province (where you are not discharge not at all fall) there are many small outlet, stores selling goods with significant discounts.

From large popular outlet, you should visit the south of the country almost on the border with Germany in the Giant Roermond Designer Outlet (contacts McArthurglen Group) in the city of Rurmont, where more than 100 boutiques are waiting with clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods such popular brands like Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Burberry, Adidas, Puma, Nike and many others. All year round there you can buy things with a discount of 30-70 percent. Another similar center – Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet – located in the center of the Netherlands near the lake Markermer.

In addition to ordinary trading points in the Netherlands, flea markets and second-hand (or similar departments in ordinary stores) are very popular in the Netherlands (or similar departments in ordinary stores), where the Dutch takes absolutely everything: from children’s toys and dishes to refrigerators and furniture. Therefore, if you do not mind to save in such a way and purchase good things literally for Euroons, carefully look after: somewhere in the corner at the entrance there is a hanger with similar goods.

Once a year, April 30, when the queen’s birthday is celebrated, all residents of the Netherlands turn into merchants: in honor of the holiday in the country taxes are canceled, so anyone can stand out on the street and start selling anything. Many local use it to save the house from the older. Some good things are sold at all for nothing to say, so, being on this day in the Netherlands, do not relax: perhaps someone’s trash can be useful for you!

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