Shopping in the DPRK: Personal Experience

In North Korea, you will be waiting for the lot of shops, but they will all be unreal, tourist. I managed to take a picture including several normal stores. As they say, taking the difference. In the assortment of souvenir shops that guides are called "Berezki", Alcohol is necessarily present. Apparently, it is understood that he is necessary for tourists to capitalists in order to fix from shock from visiting North Korea.

In Pyongyang stores there are many Chinese baubles, there are products of local crafts, cosmetics based on Zhen-Sheng, literature on the ideas of Juche, colorful photo albums about Pyongyang, published in 1989-2000. But the main thing is that there are a lot of light here, which you will not say about the dim lightly lit by energy-saving lamps for local stores.

Shopping in the DPRK Personal Experience

Much more interest are stores for local. To see them, I had to run away from the guide until the band had dinner, had a dinner or slammed in the next souvenir shop. The first store for the local turned out to be a homeopathic pharmacy.

The most curious began a shoe store on the outskirts of Pyongyang. Here I Osmell so much that I went inside the store and made some photos from the belly. By the way, pay attention to the infographics – each store matches its icon. Guess what some of them mean at all not easy, but local somehow understand. The appearance of a tourist inside the store for the local caused a surprise and confusion from visitors, which, however, tried not to demonstrate. Children looked at me as an alien creature.

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