Shopping in the Czech Republic

Going to the Czech Republic, which is located in the very center of Europe, it is logical to assume that it is also a fashion center and exciting European shopping, the country of elegant ladies and stylish gentlemen. If you think so, I will be forced to disappoint you.

Non-arising Czech fashion

Maybe somewhere, not in our area: in Prague Opera, an expensive restaurant or at a solemn reception and appear exquisitely dressed ladies on studs and men in tuxedo, but on city streets, public transport, ordinary cafes, parks, exhibitions and museums they will not find them in the day. Fashion in the Czech Republic is not. There is the primacy of convenience and comfort, simplicity and, I’m afraid to put it wrong, economy.

Of course, traveling through the Czech Republic, we meet mainly with the same tourists as we themselves. Comfortable shoes without heels, shorts, shirts and sundresses for ladies in summer, jackets and scarves in winter, the eternal umbrella for all seasons – here is perhaps the whole wardrobe you need to have with you. In such a non-primary form, you will differ little from a multilingual tourist crowd on the Karlovy Bridge or in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace in Prague Country.

But not only tourists are dressed, the local population is absolutely not limited about the styles and beauty of clothing. our saying "Meet the clothes" in the Czech Republic is irrelevant. Dear things here are not worn and, in general, there are little external importance. Women practically do not use decorative cosmetics and bright makeup, and hairstyles they leave to desire better. If in Paris you meet the disheveled French boat in the boats at a low go and with a baguette sticking out of the paper package, it is quite possible that it just left the hairdresser and is still unknown, how much it cost this elegant negligence. In the Czech Republic, most likely, the hairstyle will consist of just washed hair. Best case scenario.

Immediately make a reservation, Czech youth, like the youth of the whole world? Looking for yourself and experiments on their own images. Various informal flows, rockers-shmockers, hippie hairy, methlests and bikers, friki and rastamans diversify the total crowd, but rather simply emphasize the ordination of the main mass.

Maybe due to indifference and negligent attitude of local residents The range of clothing offered in Czech stores is very uninteresting from our point of view. Go to the Czech Republic for the fashionable wardrobe is useless.

Practical shopping in the Czech Republic

Come to the Czech Republic and buy goods and souvenirs of the Chinese manufacturer just boring. Even if they have good quality and acceptable price. My goal was to bring something Czech production from this country. In search, I spent a lot of time, I will tell about the results.

Decorations with grenades

Silver earrings with Czech grenades I had before the warriors in the Czech Republic, so there was no widespread gold and silver with inserts from this gemstone, I was not very worried about, but from sports interest I asked for some things. What can be said – stylish, elegant road decorations everywhere.


Shopping in the Czech Republic

Footwear from the Czech manufacturer of Katie reminded me of shoes from past life sold from us under the brand "CEBO" and seemingly perfect in quality and durability. As it turned out, Chebo, formed from Cesky bots, was safely renamed Batya and continues the obstacles ancient traditions: inexpensively, naturally, practical and durable. Although, like all Czech – not particularly elegant and elegantly. But for the Czech Republic, what is needed, just right by their preferences. I bought comfortable, quite decent leather slaps for 20 euros and unauthorized shoes for 30 euros. Shellets three years wore on European strokes, and shoes still stand in the closet and are waiting for a black day when there is nothing to shore.


Everything that is produced in the Czech Republic is not very beautiful, but "cheap, reliable and practical". This also applies to other types of clothing. Lingerie purchased by me, pants, T-shirts were worthy of quality and from natural materials, worn for a long time, and I still have one of the T-shirts, so it turned out to be wonderful that it was not rising to throw a hand.

I also searched for some comfortable leather bag and found! Tissue! Something from the type of dense jeans of gray-beige color with long and short handles, spacious enough, with many compartments. I will not give you your delight – she is just eternal, erased in a typewriter and becomes like a new one, even better "after restoration". I adore her!


Souvenirs – magnets, pictures, key chains, all this, it seems to me, produced in China. Real, as I think, Czech souvenir I bought in Cesk√Ĺ Krumlov – a cute bright wooden chicken marionette. And I also bring beer mugs from all seats where we are tasting beer. In some brewery, they are given as a gift, in some I myself buy in memory of the trip. Unusual, with logos of manufacturers, beautiful but. Heavy. We are not very convenient. And the girlfriend bought a crystal service of Bohemia – a pampering, as I think.

And we are carrying Becherovka, Absinthe, Karlovyskaya waffles, chopsticks from chocolate cookies. Beer is not driving, drink in place. But about that another time.

Shopping in the Czech Republic

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