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It’s no secret that the most common shoes on Phuket is flip flops. They love to walk all, ranging from taxi drivers, ending with bosses of large companies. Of course, the latter wear them in their free time. Vietnamese is always easy to remove when entering a private house or office. Yes, yes, in my previous company it was customary to go out, entering the office.

In some Thai nightclubs, there is even some similarity of the shower control, when it is not allowed to pass on a disco in Vietnamese. With me, too, there was a similar case when I was glad to go to Thammarat "first disco" At the Twin Lotus Hotel because of the presence on the legs of only teddy slaps with bunnies. What I was told that I am Farag, I can.

In Bangkok, they are not allowed to go to the nightclubs in Vietnamese, but you can immediately buy socks in which you will easily be empty. In some discos, Bangla Street has a rule "No Slippers". I do not advise walking in the beach shoes in Patong night clubs, you may not let. Moreover, now we are talking about flip flops – flat rubber slaves with a fastening between fingers. If you are in the sandals a la flock or more closed beach shoes, there will be no problems, although in crocses they may not let. Exception, perhaps, beach parties on the Islands of Phangan and Phi Phi, where they do not look at your clothes and shoes. So girls going to walk along the discos of Patong, very accurately needed sandals, you can even with a heel. Evening dresses are not worth noting, but it is not necessary to come in beach shorts.

If you forgot your beach slams at home, not a problem to buy them on Phuket. In large shopping centers you will find a large selection of flip flops at prices from 50 baht and above. In Central Festival and Jung Ceylon sell famous crocs.

And not so long ago to joy to all programmers, gamers and sysadminam, Kito released very original slag in the form of a computer keyboard. You can buy them in the departments of the shoes in almost all shopping centers: Lotus, Carrefour, Big C and others, where Kito shoes are sold. The cost of their 250-300 baht, and the joy of a gift from a computer-dependent person – is invaluable.

Shopping in Thailand - Thai Vietnamese, Beach Shoes, Gifts & Souvenirs Guide in Thailand

I especially like their advertising on television, where mom can’t understand what it is: keyboard or shoes.

On markets and shops sell beach flippers with soles in the form of strawberries and leaf. Miscellaneous shape of a foot with fingers is becoming increasingly popular. But the most, in my opinion, the interesting acquisition of stylish rubber shoes from Thai designers is the purchase of slopes in the form of a dinosaur paw. Such a gift can be pleased with any of your family or friends.

Enjoy the shopping! I am sure that in the markets, fairs and in Phuket stores, you will definitely find your perfect Vietnamese.

Shopping in Thailand - Thai Vietnamese, Beach Shoes, Gifts & Souvenirs Guide in Thailand

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