Shopping in Tallinn

Large shops and shopping centers are usually open from Monday to Saturday from 9.00-10.00 to 21.00-22.00, and on Sunday I work a little less – to 19.00-20.00, small shopping points on weekdays work with 09.00-10.00 to 17.00-19.00 and closed on Sundays. On holidays, stores can assign a special schedule of work. Clocks on gas stations can be opened around the clock.

Plastic cards can be used almost everywhere, and cash payment is made exclusively in local currency – in Euro.

As a rule, prices are fixed everywhere, and even in the markets no one is traded, but in private stores and in the bazaar, if you buy a lot of items, if you ask some discount, you still do.

The largest cluster of Molls in the capital. The most popular Tallinn shopping center, in which you can meet both tourists and locals – Viru Keskus. It is located at the lower levels of the high-rise building on the Square of the same name. Inside there is absolutely all: stores of clothing and shoes of the main popular world brands, electronics, sporting goods, and in the basement there is a large grocery supermarket.

Viru Keskus borders with the other popular Tallinn department store Kaubamaja, which is remembered by the fact that it is not divided into branded boutiques: all the clothes in it are put in one large hall, so it is convenient to measure buyers and combine things of different brands.

Also, fashion should pay attention to hypermarkets located in a distance from the center: at Kristiine Keskus, under the roof of which more than 130 stores are waiting for you, where you can buy things such popular brands like New Yorker, Motivi, Pepe Jeans, Benetton and others, like His Rocca Al Mare and the spacious largest in Estonia √úlemiste – it is famous for the giant number of boutiques (about 160 them!). This last Mall should be remembered to everyone who flies through Tallinn transit, and who has several hours of free time on a transplant, because it is located just five minutes walk from the airport.

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Shopping in Tallinn

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