Shopping in Sweden

Shopping in Sweden is excellent. Millions of our tourists have already been convinced of this, annually visiting Sweden. Goods here are not cheap, but you can make Tax-Free. Clothing is focused on the cold northern climate, which is great for us. Swedes appreciate good quality, so you can buy good goods, for example, warm winter clothes and shoes or tools. Swedish children’s goods, such as strollers, seats and baby food.


Sweden presents a lot of Scandinavian brands of good quality clothes at the average prices. Scandinavian style is characterized by the conciseness of forms and unsax colors. You can call Philippa K, COS, ACNE, Tiger, Cheap Monday. Cheaper brands – Indiska, H&M, Cubus, Kappahl.

National clothes

Traditional outfits Swedes often wear a wedding and holidays. They are sold in specialized stores and are very expensive. Tourists like woolen things with Scandinavian patterns, as well as knitted hats and mittens. Prices for them also bite.

Design objects

In addition to IKEA, in Sweden many shops with home goods. For example, in Designtorget you can find items invented by Swedish designers. Indiska has a large department of household goods in Indian style. It is worth paying attention to the Swedish Designer Crystal.


In Sweden, it is not customary to buy clothes in the markets. There are shops for this. People go for food for indoor markets. There you can buy different delicacies – famous Swedish cheeses, bread, venison, sweets and various overseas hotels – Hamon, olives, Dijon mustard. Prices may be higher shopping.

Department Stores

Swedes traditionally prefer shopping centers department stores. Ancient prestigious department store NK in Stockholm over a hundred years. There are many departments where you can buy clothes, shoes, perfume, books, dishes, there is also a pharmacy and cafe. Department stores Åhlens belong to the lower price category. You can buy cosmetics, perfume, bags, shoes, clothes, books, discs, toys and food.

Shopping time in Sweden

Shops work from 10 am to 19 pm. On Sundays, only shops in the center of Stockholm and major shopping centers in large cities are open.

In small cities, shops are closed on weekends. Sometimes they are open on Saturdays in pre-holiday weeks, for example, on the eve of Christmas.

Sale in Sweden

Shopping in Sweden

Sale in Sweden start immediately after Christmas and last January. The best time for shopping between Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, when there is from what to choose. In January, prices are lowered, but it is already difficult to choose the size or color, since everything is bought.

The second period of sales comes in August, when the summer collection is sold.


The goods in Sweden are taxed, which is a foreign tourist can be returned at the border. To do this, you need to ask for a cash register and fill it. Goods can not be used before departure from the country. It must lie in the package and maintain a commodity view. On the border you need "Stamp" Check at customs and then contact the office Global Refund for the return of tax.

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