Shopping in Serbia

In the times of socialism, shopping in Serbia was considered very prestigious: there you could buy clothes, shoes, household techniques of world brands at affordable prices. Today, Serbia remains an excellent direction for shopping: most European brands are represented in the country, and the Serbian dinar rate to the ruble makes the purchase quite profitable. Independently organize a short shopping tour in Belgrade is very simple. Visa for a trip for a period of up to 30 days ours is not required, and the flight time is only two and a half hours.

Stores Serbia

In Serbia, luxury boutiques and European shopping centers are adjacent to private bears and post-Soviet stores. In the latter, it is usually possible to buy clothes of Serbian brands and all sorts of leather products, which the country is famous for this day.

The most popular area for shopping in Belgrade is a pedestrian street Knez Mihailova and the archers adjacent to it. There are shops of most well-known brands, as well as souvenir shops where you can buy beautiful handmade products. Kralja Milana Street is famous for bookstores, and Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard is an open-air market.

In 2009, a huge shopping center Ušće opened in Belgrade, not inferior to many European outlet stores. It is located in Novy Belgrade and has about 150 stores, as well as several restaurants, bars and supermarkets. The second largest shopping center – Delta City on Jurija Gagarina Street.

Shopping should do not only in Belgrade: Novi Garden is famous for low prices and an excellent choice of goods. Most stores are concentrated on the streets of Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska, and in the Sad Novi Bazar shopping center you can buy everything from sunglasses to the fur coats.

Serbia markets

Serbian markets retain authenticity and flavor and enjoy folk love. Production collaps are sold truly fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, nuts, flowers and all sorts of home billets. Food markets in Serbia are often adjacent to nonsense.

The largest market in Belgrade – Kalenic, located on the Square of the same name. There you can buy meat, fish, homemade cheese and oil, jam, as well as farm geese, ducks and turkey. The Stari Mercator market in the new part of the city is famous for fresh greens, and Zemun – all sorts of smoked and spices.

The flourishing of Serbian flea markets fell in the 1990s: then the stores were empty, and on street breakdowns it was possible to buy anything – from Turkish clothes to Romanian gasoline in plastic bottles. Today, flea markets are still almost in every Serbian city. In Belgrade, it is worth visiting the big collapse in the area of ​​Jurija Gagarina, as well as in the suburb of Panchevo (Pancevo) – quite successful copies of world brands are sold.

Shopping time in Serbia

Most large stores and shopping centers work daily from 10:00 to 22:00. Supermarkets and small food shops are open from 7-8 am to 20:00 on weekdays, until 18:00 on Saturdays and until 14:00 on Sundays. In large cities there are round-the-clock shops.

Serbian markets are usually closed pretty early – about 14-15 hours of the day, and it is better to come to the opening – in 6-7 in the morning. In the days of large state and Orthodox holidays, almost all stores (like other institutions) are closed. This applies to Christmas and New Year, Pottenia (February 15), first and Easter.

Sale in Serbia

Shopping in Serbia

Inscription "Reduction!" Appears on the windows of Serbian stores twice a year – in January and July. She signals the beginning of large sales, which last until the end of February and August, respectively. Discount prices in network stores – such as Zara, Mango, H&M is distinguished from our.

As in all of Europe, serbia sales reaches a peak in recent weeks: these days prices are reduced by 60-80%.

Discounts in Serbia

Of course, the glory of Serbian outletes does not rattle around the world, but favorable shopping lovers will discover several interesting shopping centers in Belgrade. In Outlet BN BOSS in Zemun (Zemun) is a good selection of sports goods. Inmo Outlet Center in Novy Belgrade combines several dozen democratic brands, including Serbian.

The best (and largest) in Serbia Outlet is located in the town of India (Indija) at half an hour from Belgrade. There you can visit about 60 stores of world famous brands and buy clothing and shoes with permanent discounts 30-70%.

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Impressions about Serbia

To each other, all friendly and polite, do not pushed, do not rude, many smiling. I was very comfortable there was. I really liked Serbia and Serbian people. They shrouded us benevolent. We relaxed, stopped twitching that you need to run somewhere. Tasty food. Read more →

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