Shopping in Senegal

There are several largest markets in Dakar ("Marsh") constituting no less pride of the capital than museums or palaces.

Surrounded by beautiful colonial houses, a small, but very rich market Kermel (the building was built in 1860, restored in 1997) is located in the port area and specializes in colors and folk fishing products.

The larger indoor two-story Sandaga market is located in the building of a very picturesque architecture, and sells, mainly food. Around him, along the road Emil-Badyan, broken many tents "Bola Bal", in which they sell audio and video equipment, and often the most modern models and at quite reasonable prices.

Near the Medina lies the market of Tilen – a great place to buy local souvenirs, fruits and spices. The most typical "Malian market" (Marsh-Mali) Located at the station – here trade incenses (famous "Turay" You can only buy here), pearls and terracotta products.

The fish market is considered Sumbediyun, located on the bay of the bay a few kilometers from the city center, between Mesign and Gyel-Tapha.

Shopping in Senegal

There are also several small markets near the port, the Kazamans market (goods from the southern regions of the country, located on the pier, from where the courts in Ziginshor come from), as well as the wholesalers of the Castorce and many Sunday markets "Luma", on which the goods are exhibited residents of neighboring villages.

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Impressions from Senegal and Mali

In November, we were in Senegal (Dakar) and Mali (Bamako). I did not experience the delight in front of the country, so this text is rather a memo for those who are going there. Read more →

Shopping in Senegal

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