Shopping in San Marino

San Marino

San Marino – awesome state in its appearance, spirit and history. It costs three rimov. I am very glad that the visit to San Marino fell on the last day of this trip. Going to Italy – Go to San Marino. Read more →

Pomozow | January 2014

Belissimo, Italia!

Tour Tour Naples – Rome – Florence – Siena – Bologna – Venice – San Marino. The program of the tour was standard, with a mandatory raid for several historical places. Read more →

Irina | October 2011

Tour "All Italy"

Let’s go to Siena – this is really a unique city! Time seems to froze here from the times of the Middle Ages. Narrow streets, at home, which is several centuries. Read more →

Tatyana | September 2011

Shopping in San Marino

Rest in Rimini

Such beauty we have not seen. In the basic cost of the tour, excursions were included in Mondain-Gradara – this is a castle where we introduced with Italian traditions, told the love story from Dante "The Divine Comedy", We tried various varieties of wines, cheeses and some more snacks! Impressions sea. Read more →

Marina | May 2010

Republic that never won

San Marino is not only one of the smallest countries and the oldest state in the world, but also a country that no one has ever conquered. Even Napoleon said that "It is necessary to save San Marino as an example of freedom". The Republic of San Marino is located on Mount Monte Titano and its surroundings and from all sides is surrounded by Italian lands. Read more →

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