Shopping in Prague

Perhaps the highest popularity among tourists enjoys the Palladium shopping and entertainment center in the area of ​​the Republic (Náměstí Republiky) in the center of Prague, located in the reconstructed building of the former barracks. It boasts a good selection of stores, but tourists and locals quickly offer the most running sizes and successful models from popular brands, especially during the sale. Other Shopping Centers, Consideration, – Flora at the metro of the same name, Nový Smíchov at the metro Anděl, Arkády at the Metro Pankrác. If you have time and desire to go to remote areas of Prague, you can visit the Chodov shopping center from the metro of the same name, Harfa at the metro Českomoravská (there, among other things, there is a dinosaur park on the roof, and the roller is working in the winter), Metropole Zličín or the open recently very cute "Black Bridge" (Černý MOST) near the corresponding subway station, and let you not scare the name.

Outside the shopping center in Prague, trade is concentrated on several streets: on the PrSAKOPE (Na Příkopě) and on Wenceslas Square, as well as on Paris Street (Pařížská ulice) – Dear boutiques, mostly French brands are concentrated on the latter.

Markets in Prague

An impressive market, while located close to the center, operates in Prague at the tram stop Pražská TRžnice. It arose inside and around the historic market of the market, built at the end of the XIX century. Now here all week, except Sunday, you can buy products of Czech agriculture, as well as without weekends, the Vietnamese worker market is functioning and the largest in the Czech Republic is located (and quite worthy) Alza electronics store.CZ (www.Alza.CZ).

In almost all districts of the Czech capital, customers are waiting for buyers so-called farm markets with fresh products from the farms of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The closest to the center of Prague is the fair on the Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky, it works from March to October from Tuesday to Friday), but prices can be overestimated. More interesting from conveniently located, perhaps, the farm market on Jiří Jiřího Z Poděbrad (Náměstí Jiřího Z Poděbrad) in Prague-2, opened on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Finally, there is in Prague and flea markets. For example, in almost the center, on the rear square (Tylovo náměstí), antiques trade, the subjects of the Soviet era and not having the values ​​of the used goods are carried out every Saturday in the morning. At the metro Kolbenova "flea" It works every Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 to 13:00, however, along with the nostalgic value of things, modern Asian Music Merities are sold.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Shopping in Prague

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Shopping in Prague

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