Shopping in Poland

Poland for many years known to our tourists as a country for budget shopping, where you can cheap to buy European clothes and shoes and uncomplicated Chinese goods. However, there are people who acquire in Poland in general: from washing powders to furniture. Indeed, seeing Polish prices, I want to hire a truck and turn into wholesaler (that some are doing, spreading the instead of extra specimens among relatives and friends or by organizing communities on the Internet).

Schedule features in Poland

In the near future, Poland plans to go to euros. When this happens, prices are likely to rise. But it is still possible to have time to go shopping with a pack of zloty in your pocket, rejoicing quite low, compared with Russia, prices for clothes and footwear of popular world brands, for Polish plastics and Chinese production products.

If you have done in one shopping store in the amount of more than 200 zł (about 48 euros), then ask for a Tax-Free check, by posting which, on the border you can get back from 7 percent of the amount paid.

Most stores can pay not only in cash, but also bank cards of the main payment systems. However, it is better not to refuse from paper zloty, because there are places that prefer to deal only with "Live" Money. So, the most popular in Poland sells products and industrial goods Biedronka network does not work with any "Plastic".

In some supermarkets you will pay for purchases of foreign currency – Euro.

Although in Poland, of course, there are small stores selling a different exclusive, most tourists prefers large shopping centers. Wishing to find everything in one place and at low prices are usually recommended to go to a slightly resembling chaotic giant Mall Centrum Mody market in Nadajyn (Nadarzyn) near Warsaw, where you are waiting for about one and a half hundred shops selling different stamps "middle class". Preferring a comfortable shopping in more modern mollas, złote Tarasy and Arkadia in the center of the capital, Galeria Baltycka and Matarnia Park Handlowy in Gdansk.

If you are not confused by the fussiness of classical "Tolkuchka", It is not necessary to neglect the Polish markets, especially such as the largest Bazar Olimpia in Warsaw, where it will be possible to detect absolutely everything from new and worn clothes to antiques, from weapons to vegetables.

By making purchases in ordinary stores, to reduce the price, talking to souls with the seller, will not be able, but if you went to a private boutique and, moreover, to the market, it is worth spending time on bargaining to buy interests percent on 10-30 cheaper.

Shopping time

Small stores usually open the doors at 07: 00-09: 00 in the morning and close them around 18: 00-19: 00, on Saturday they adhere to the abbreviated schedule (from 09:00 to about lunch – hours until 13:00), on Sunday They have a day off (although some retail points work all weekend). Large supermarkets are waiting for customers every day from 07: 00-09: 00 to 22:00, but on Sundays end day about an hour earlier. There are shops working around the clock. In the markets, traders usually lay out goods before – already 06:00 am "collapse" Ready, and begin to gather at 15: 00-17: 00. On holidays, the schedule of stores can be unpredictable to change, it is better to specify it on the site of the trading point.

Discounts and sales in Poland

Shopping in Poland

As well as throughout Europe, in the summer (from around mid-June to August) and in winter (from the end of December-early January to the beginning of February), large sales are held throughout Poland, during which discounts on goods start with 15-20 percent and reach 60 -70 percent. Also various shares are organized with the receipt of each new collection.

For a few days a year, Malls make discounts for the midnights: you can visit the store in extracurricular time and buy goods at prices by 20-40 percent below the usual. Therefore, before you go to a major shopping center, it is better to visit its website and find out when there are similar shares.

Similarly, it is worth a proceed, if you are going to buy products or household goods. They can be found in Network Supermarkets Auchan, Carrefour, Tesco, Biedronka, Bomi, Intermarche, Kaufland, Lidl and others. Almost every week there are discounts for different goods, and these shares do not necessarily apply to the entire network and may differ in the cities. Information about what and when will be sold cheaper, you can learn from the advertising booklets that lie at the receipt at such vending points and usually laid out on the Internet. Therefore, experienced shopaholics before the trip enter the sites of these stores in advance and plan the route with the fact that they want to buy.

The most famous Outlet of Poland opened Gdansk (just 200 km from Kaliningrad!). Fashion House Outlet Gdansk combined dozens of boutiques of the most famous brands, there are selling products with discounts 30-70 percent. A walk on this center is a pleasure: it is built in the style of a traditional Polish fishing village, each store is located in a small wooden house, and at the entrance guests meets high lighthouse.

There are in Poland and less beautiful, but no less curious for shopping outlets: Capital Factory Warszawa Annopol and Factory Ursus, Factory Wrocław in Wroclaw, Factory Kraków in Krakow and others.

Also, shopaholic are popular with large centers that are considered wholesale, where it is often possible to purchase goods and retail. Among the most famous, located under Warsaw Chh Maximus – It sells clothes and shoes from hundreds of manufacturers from all over the planet at very pleasant prices, huge Chinese Centers Chinatown 15 km from Katowice and GD Poland 25 km from Warsaw.

Shopping in Poland

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