Shopping in Paris for the new year

Paris – World Fashion Center with many elite boutiques, high-rise fashion houses, large stores offering designer clothes for every taste, most famous, popular brands and brands.

In many places, prices are extended high.

Paris is considered the most expensive city in Europe, but at the same time &# 8212; The most profitable.

Why do you ask? The secret is simple, and no one is a secret – Discounts up to 90% 2 times a year , That is almost free, global clothing sales from the best designers.

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Shopping in Paris

It is for shopping in the capital of France most of all tourists go. Today, shopping centers, boutiques have become attractions no less important than, for example, Noterdam, Eiffel Tower.

Paris can rightly be called the capital of the world and shopping in this amazing city, tourists from all over the world rushed.

Plan your shopping right In the city of Fashion to spend time successfully, with benefits and benefits.

In this article you can find out in detail how to make a visa to France yourself.

Seasonal discounts

Seasonality SALE installed by local authorities and adjusted by law.

Generous discounts, grand sales are arranged in winter and in summer, last about 5 weeks, comes in January &# 8212; February and June &# 8212; July .

Knowing this algorithm, it is easy to calculate the date of arrival in order to make it possible to pay good purchases, purchase goods at reasonable prices.

Shoes, clothing from fashionable couture, stylish Things from eminent designers can be bought from discounts up to 70%.

Prices for goods in Paris depend on seasonality if the remnants of the collection are left at the end of the sale season, they can be purchased in stock stores of the city at any convenient time.

Conditions for the purchase of goods on days of sales do not differ from the rest of the days a year, all the goods have a guarantee, to be exchanged, return in case of marriage.

New Year sales

New Year sales start from mid-December and continue until mid-January. In anticipation of mass sales, Paris is transformed, as well as people in it.

In January, visit Christmas markets Levill Ade Du Pere, Noel Saint, Marchede Noeldes, Champs on the Champs Elysees, Levilla de Noel and de Montparnasse near Montparnasse Tower.

Christmas bazaars, numerous boutiques and tents are arranged everywhere, shopping for Christmas can be stocking plenty, please refer home all family members.

January is famous for Christmas sales with good discounts reaching apogee, and in winter Paris &# 8212; just a fairy tale, around the pillar of the illumination of the windows, and shopping cheap, goods can be bought a lot and of various.

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The most popular boutiques for shopping

In the capital of France, there are quite a few excellent places for shopping.

In large shopping galleries, boutiques, in flea markets you can find everything:

  1. Lafayette. In the gallery for fashionite there are: all sorts of handbags, scarves, jewelry, bright troughs for every taste, to leave without shopping is simply impossible.
  2. On the Champs Elysees in Cenel boutiques, Cartier Dior You can purchase exclusive clothing models from famous fashion designers, but prices are too high. Favorable offers and sales is best searching in other places in Paris, it is worth going to go to the fields for the sake of holidays, landscapes around are simply great.
  3. Forum &# 8212; Dez Al, The shopping center is underground, has a confusing design, many labyrinths, with ignorance easy to get lost, but the prices are acceptable, on sale there is always a large selection of cosmetics, books, electronics, women’s clothing.
  4. Printemps, Shopping center with many boutiques, cafe with our cuisine, Italian bistro.
  5. Carrousel du Louvre, A shopping center in the form of a glass pyramid amazing imagination. Prices are average, but the choice of clothing, souvenirs, books, wedding compositions from flowers, jewelry impressive.
  6. Hotelsde Ville, It is better to come to the shopping center with big bags, and preferably in front of the departure home. At low prices you can buy shoes, clothing, souvenirs, household appliances, ceramics, discs.
  7. Shopping in Paris for the New Year
  8. Monoprix. Boutiques are found in any part of Paris. At low prices, you can buy high-quality products, clothing, cosmetics, products.
  9. Saint Ouen. On the flea market, not far from the port before Klimanjur, there is everything you need for budget shopping, various jewels, antiques, vintage things, antique furniture, beautiful brooches.

Known by many Mazaine shopping center ITALIE 2, these are boutiques:

  • Celio;
  • CouRUR;
  • Etam;
  • ERAM;
  • Printemps;
  • Sephora;
  • Levis.

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Budget shopping

For budget shopping, you also need to know the place and time of visiting outlets.

For acquisition:

  • Perfumes, visit Duty Free;
  • decorations for Christmas, chocolate figures, eggs for Easter – Lafater Gallery;
  • Many beautiful things in the store from Patrick Roger.

Many interesting shops, boutiques and galleries with creative goods can be found on Villade Temple, Francs, Bourgeois. All products are high quality and branded, at affordable prices.

  • Japanese Quarter of Paris on Saint Anne Kioko’s bookstore, ISSE, Rmart, Boutique in Vivien Gallery, Kioko.
  • In the Quarter Chatelet Les Halles you can meet inexpensive boutiques, overflowing with different goods. Handicraft lovers will find everything you need in stores La Droguerite, Mikuba.
  • Alesia &# 8212; Quarter is attractive for profitable shopping, Known by brand boutiques. Good shops and boutiques in the western part of Paris, not far from the temple.

Here you can learn more about one of the main attractions of Paris &# 8212; Versailles Palace.

Routes Shopogolikov

The capital of fashion is full of treasure and temptations, even the most sophisticated shopaholics will be able to satisfy their desires.

Upon arrival in Paris, first, it is better to designate the necessary routes for yourself, for successful purchases you need to know time and place.

  1. Flea markets: Santuen, Montroi, Wanwa work without days off, you can find much more interesting.
  2. Barbes. Visiting the market, you can make profitable purchases. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the goods are laid out right on the street, along the length of the total Schapel boulevard.
  3. The village of La Vale, The best place to purchase goods with discounts in January and July: outlet, souvenirs, different original things.
  4. For inexpensive shopping, you should visit the Select shopping center. You can buy luxurious and exquisite things in French style in an unlimited number and at an attractive price.
  5. Collections on the latest fashion trends Presented in Trendy.
  6. Those who wish to buy clothes in their own style can visit Creative, Quartier, Latin, which offer up to 40 boutiques for every taste. Good to visit Paris in late January, you can get a form of fashion Spring &# 8212; summer. You can find out about new fashion trends by visiting well-known premium department stores &# 8212; Class, Lafaret Gallery, Pentan, Gusman Boulevard.

Prestigious shops with famous brands are located on Weddem Square, Madlentam, boutiques can be found on Avenue Montenen (8 District), Faberge, San Ohore, Cairo Square.

At the right bank of Paris there is a huge department store Le Bon Marsha, the very first in the world, first opened in 1838, acts today.

How convenient to get?

  1. Le Bazar Le Vittle shopping center You can get through the metro Hotel de Ville, buses 70, 75, 96, 72.
  2. Bon Marche Located at Ruedesevire 38.
  3. Town Mall Galeries Lafayette Can be reached by Metro Chaussee, Antin, Opera, Trinite, or buses No. 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 26.

Secrets of successful shopping

Successful shopping lies in visiting shopping centers, boutiques and shops in the right time and in the right place.

To the trip not disappointed you, with favorable places for shopping in Paris you need to read in advance. And also choose a good time to travel to this amazing city of France.

  1. Visit Outlet La Valle Vilagio Not far from Disneyland, where you will find any famous brands of France and Italy with discounts 30% &# 8212; 70%.
  2. Grand Sales On current collections with discounts up to 60% come in January &# 8212; February and July &# 8212; August, do not miss this time.
  3. Prepare for sales in advance, Before the stitching, go through the boutiques, look for yourself the right things.
  4. Decide in advance with the list of stores, Which would you like to visit.
  5. Looking for an inscription on the shop windows when entering Endetail shops, This means that you can buy clothes from eminent designers. And in the seasons sales also with good discounts.

Think over everything in advance, read how to get to the right stores, plan the amount in advance you want to spend. Act with the mind and right, then the shopping in Paris is satisfied.

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