Shopping in Mexico: Personal experience

As if we did not want to spend time shopping, it was still necessary to do it. On the 1st of May we flew to Havana, and really wanted to give local friends mobile phones. Head (seemingly) reasoning that they did not make sense to drag them from Russia, they decided to buy in Mexico. Oh if we knew that we were waiting!

We arrived in a large shopping center, went around many stores selling mobilies. None on the price tag, where the main characteristics of the phone are indicated, the screen resolution is not specified. And nowhere could show the attached instructions because "Instructions – in the box, box – at the checkout, search will be long". And so everywhere, absolutely everywhere. No knowledgeable specialists and consultants.

In one huge mobile store, we were issued to our question about the resolution of the screen in the queue number five (we have such a system in banks). In the window number five sitting a guy who could answer our question. He just had the Internet where he looked at us. But on the next question, is it possible to buy a mobile phone without a contract, he could not answer, we were offered to take numbers to another window. In general, a bunch of people is attached, everyone work, everything in case. And mobile phone should not buy anyway. Because all of them, although without a contract, are tied to a specific operator. Without such bindings, only Nokia 3310 and it is offered to her. Not bought nothing. And the friends of Cuban presented my iPhone, from which I had long dreamed of getting rid of.

Addresses of flea markets in Mexico City: What is worth a visit

To better understand Mexico, you need to wander through its flea markets. Here, not as in Europe, where for flea, sometimes, give ordinary souvenir markets. Mexico City Markets is a whole life worthy of dating. If you are here, you will not see the markets: small natural markets are located here literally at every corner. Traded everyone – from food and books to antiques, on Saturdays trade is animated as possible.

Shopping in Mexico Personal Experience

There is a huge grocery market near Shockimilko, between Piers and Station Shockimilko Tren Ligero. There is a good market in Koioakan, a few blocks from the Frida Museum – here the choice of products made of glass and jewelry, as well as street vendors who can buy awesome fresh juices or sliced ​​fruits in just a few pesos.

In the witchcraft market of Sonora, in addition to the witchcraft attributes with skeletons and skulls, you can find figures for the Day of the Dead – Mexican Halloween.

One of the most interesting Markets of Mexico City – Bazar de s&# 225; Bado on San Jacinto Square, directly on the square for sale paintings and artisans products, if you go deep, then you will find products of antiques, clothes, jewelry.

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