Shopping in Lithuania

Lithuania, perhaps, not the most popular destination for shopping, however, having arrived in these edges, it is unlikely to try to avoid the temptation to resemble on tiny design stores, huge Mollas and fussy markets and buy something out of the creations of local couturiers, jewelers and artisans on a very attractive price for us, especially if you find yourself in this country during the sales period.

Lithuanian shops

Lithuania – the state is small, so much time on shopping will not need. Leave a couple of days at Vilnius or Kaunas – the main centers of attraction of lovers spend money – this will be enough.

In the capital you will easily find several large shopping centers, such as Akropolis, Europa and VCup, where there are shops with clothing and footwear of the main inexpensive world brands (Benetton, Zara, Bershka, Mango, Vero Moda and others). In the center there are also branded boutiques with clothing of such famous firms as Hugo Boss, Prada, GF Ferre and the like.

Vilnius is famous for small shops with author’s decorations with amber and not only, clothing from flax, leather goods, ceramics, paintings and souvenirs. Most of them are located in the streets of the Old Town. By the way, sometimes the hosts themselves work in such small stores, so you can try to reduce the price with a large purchase, although it is unlikely to be traded as the eastern market, it is unlikely to be relevant.

Another major city of this country, very promising for shopping – Kaunas. However, even in relatively small Klaipeda, Shaulia and Panevezys, there are lovers to go shopping than to do: there are large shopping centers, and small private shops where you can find completely unique manual manual things.

Products in Lithuania can be purchased in the network supermarkets Maxima, Rimi, Prizma, however, for grown without chemicals, it is better to go to the market for corrosive vegetables and fruits.

Schedule features in Lithuania

Prices for goods in the most popular network stores of bulk brands are usually lower than in Russia. However, shops, not counting on a large number of buyers, prefer to take the goods with small parties, so sometimes especially during the sales period it is difficult to find things of the right color and size.

In the overwhelming majority stores will be able to pay a plastic card of any of the international payment systems. If you prefer cash, you will have to buy litas – in Lithuania in the course only local currency, dollars and euros will not be taken.

Having done in one shopping store more than 200 litas (about 55 euros), do not forget to take a check of so-fries, and then after passing the boundary it will be possible to return about 10-15 percent of the total cost.

Shopping in Lithuania

Shopping time

Large network supermarkets usually work from 8 am to 23, but there are several round-the-clock shops in Vilnius. The outlets less open the doors around 10 am and close them to 19, on Saturday they stop serving buyers for an hour or two earlier, and on Sunday arrange a day off. In the markets, people start trading very early – in 5-6 in the morning and completed work for 14 o’clock.

Discounts and sales in Lithuania

In any center there is a department where the goods of the old collection with a discount of 20-40 percent are sold year-round. But twice a year in Lithuania, like other European countries, comes "ix hour" – Two main sales are held – Summer and Winter.

The first one begins with the end of June: first prices are decreasing at about 20 percent, and by the middle of the month discounts can reach 80 percent! By August, the choice is noticeably reduced, and the shares are completed. The second time ambitious discounts on all goods appear in about a month and a half to Catholic Christmas, and everything subsides to mid-January. There is no single date of the sale of sales, it all depends on the goodwill of the shop owner.

In addition, all major shopping centers are organizing their own stocks several times a year, giving them such loud names as "Marathon Shopping". Information about such discounts can be obtained on the site of each of the Molls – do not be lazy to look there during the planning of the trip.

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