Shopping in Latvia

Shopping is seldom the main purpose of tourists coming to Latvia: although the prices of goods in the country a little lower than in Western European countries, the choice of significantly poorer. However, it is also not worth how to find it in the pleasure of finding shopping too – they will definitely have something curious.

Shops Latvia

In Riga, tourists rarely leave the old town, and, of course, there are quite a few entertainment for Shopaholikov: In addition to the walking on souvenir shops, first of all, it is worth visiting one of the oldest in the city of Galerija Centrs – this passage takes a whole street, and there are products of the main most popular Marks.

From "Old woman" Centrs can go to the nearby Galerija Riga ultra-modern Galerija, which appeared on the city map several years ago. By the way, being in this shopping center, do not forget to climb the roof and admire the panorama of the city from the height.

Those who decide to leave the historic part of Riga, directly at the station waiting for the Democratic Shopping Center Origo, and, of course, it is worth getting to the South-West SPICE, the total area of ​​stores of which is 11 football fields! Boutiques of famous dear world brands are located on the border of the old town around Hotel de Rome. When you want to buy something from Baldinini, Dolce&Gabana, Brioni, Calvin Klein, Gucci – go there. If the choice did not satisfy, cross the park and walk on Elizabetes Street.

In other Latvian cities with shopping, the situation is much worse, except that in Jurmala there is everything you need (the main shops there are collected on Jomas Street). Fortunately, Latvia is a small country, so you can always get to the capital.


Tents with souvenirs and treats can be found on the main squares of many cities. So, in the capital, a rare tourist will not stay at the trays placed near the Riga Hotel or at the Monument to the Bremen Musicians.

Edible souvenirs "from producers" best buy in Riga in the central market. You will easily find his huge pavilions (it is located in the former Angaras for airships) near the train station on the outskirts of the Old Town. It is easy to navigate in this giant space, because it is divided into several pavilions: vegetable, meat, dairy and fish. By the way, almost all products there can be asked to try.

If you consider the central market too tourist destination, then you should go to other more popular markets: in the northeast of the center there is a Vidzemsky market, and in the southwest on the other side of the river the oldest in Riga Agenskalnsky market.

Not far from the central market with the opposite side of the old city on the street Firsa Sadovnikova, there is a legendary flea market Latgalite. On any day except Monday, if you thoroughly dig in the old woman, there you can detect curious antique things. This is also brought by a trowed fraudster almost from all over the country.

Discounts and sales in Latvia

For the sake of shopping in Latvia, it is worth coming during the sales period: shops, really, significantly reduce prices. There is no fixed date of the beginning of the discount season, so shops are engaged in self-government: one rewrite price tags immediately after the New Year holidays, others are waiting for the mid-January. Summer Sales start immediately after the people’s holiday Ligo – usually in early July.

Shopping in Latvia

V "off-season" Large shopping centers are also trying to sell things from old collections and arrange large-scale stocks in spring and autumn.

Tips Shopaholikov

Large Latvian shopping centers are usually happy to visitors all days of the week with 9.00-10.00 to 21.00, and small shops on weekdays work from 09.00-10.00, closed to 19.00 o’clock, on Saturdays can finish working before or do not open at all, Sundays have a day off.

Alcoholic beverages in Latvia can only be bought strictly from 8 am to 10 pm.

In stores and in the markets you will be able to pay in cash, but not Latvia: from January 2014, Latvia moved to euros.

Plastic cards are popular, they are taken almost everywhere.

Making purchases, do not forget to take a check tax-free. In Latvia, it can be issued if you purchased goods in one store in the amount of 44 euros.

Shopping in Latvia

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