Shopping in Japan

Japanese flea market: people and goods

The market is not daily, but passes only twice a month, the 18th and 28th day of each month. Venue – Yard of the Temple of the Osu Cannon, the main temple of Singon Xingon Tisan. Read more →

PhotoOtchet | Summer 2106

Nisiki – "Kitchen Kyoto"

The market in Kyoto is a long narrow and straight street under the roof. If you do not know that somewhere there is a market here, find it in a narrow long street labyrinth will be quite difficult. Read more →

shkaf gingemy | Winter 2016

Supermarket in Tokyo or what are buying the Japanese

During the New Year holidays in supermarkets, many buyers, hurrying filling baskets delicacies to the holiday table. I invite you to walk on a supermarket in Tokyo. Read more →

Shopping in Japan

shkaf gingemy | New Year 2015

Japanese beauty

My husband and I have recently returned from Japan, where shopping shuttering and looking at the showcase is not only a special entertainment, but also a full-fledged cultural program. Read more →

Japanese album. In Asakus

Asakusa – the famous historical area in the north-western part of the center of Tokyo, not far from Weno. Although there are many temples, but almost everything has burned down during the bombings of 1945, and only by 1960 restored. Read more →

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