Shopping in India

Market in Anjun and Chatty Local

Day unpredictably started with breakfast. But continued to understand that today the environment. And this meant that it was time to go to Anjun on the famous market on Wednesdays. Read more →

MR4EX | Summer 2015

Night Maine Bazar

Maine Bazaar Street – a cult street in Delhi, located between the railway station and the metro station "Ramakrishna Ashram Marg". There are many becpecker guesthouses and cafes. Read more →

Delhi: East Bazaar Chandni Choek

To change the silence of the famous attractions to the noise and gaps of the Eastern Bazaar, went to Changni-Choek – the largest market in Delhi, where you can buy without exaggeration anything read more →

alexanderyork | October 2012

Shopping in India 1

Instruction Traveler in India

Life in India reminds RPG game. There are several quests for acquaintance with the world, the development of the character, and depending on the path chosen, the plot will develop anyway. Read more →

Sora minus | January 2012

My Goana impressions

After lunch, they will crawl into their sun beds under the palm roof. We always had 2: one in the sun, the second is not under the umbrella, but under a large palm canopy restaurant. Somewhere in 4-5 half a day, our little shuttle came after us (you can only call, it is only to whistle Bobby or Kumaru) or sometimes we went on foot. Good 5-7 minutes. By the way, on the road once we saw a snake crushed and dried in the sun. This is I warning the lovers of night bathings and walks on rice fields in a drunk at night. Read more →

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