Shopping in Iceland

Outerwear. Icelanders know the sense in practical and at the same time beautiful clothes, since they need it year-round. Best Stores – 66 Degrees North and Cintamani. Huge popularity of tourists also enjoys national Icelandic clothing Lopapeysa – a knitted wool sweater with a traditional pattern.

Fashion clothes and decorations. It so happened that the clothes of famous world brands stands in Iceland a little cheaper than on the continent. In addition, in Iceland, there are enough of its own designers who create not similar objects of clothing and accessories. And the decorations from polished lava or deer horn are not unique.

Books and disks with music and films. Iceland boasts a large number of talented writers, musicians, actors and directors. Get acquainted with the work of most of them only in their homeland.

National dishes. Best of all, of course, try national Icelandic dishes in Iceland itself, fresh and just cooked. However, some types of Icelandic cooked meat or fish will fully become excellent hotels.

Shopping in Iceland

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Shopping in Iceland

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