Shopping in Hungary

In recent years, many ours love to shop in Hungary, because in this country we will have a huge selection of products, a pleasant course of local currency, low prices for hotels, and you can often fly to Budapest – everything is possible – all this makes shopping favorable and convenient.

Schedule features in Hungary

If you decide to visit Hungary for the sake of shopping, then you have one road – in Budapest, because there is no such number of various shops, boutiques, shops and shopping centers as in the capital in this country there is no more anywhere else. Choosing a different city, you will definitely succeed in acquiring basic souvenirs and local wines, but the opportunities to buy something from clothes, shoes or technology will be limited.

In Budapest, Shopoglikov attracts Váci street and surroundings: Popular network boutiques are located in its northern part, and in South – small shops with reasonable prices. Still be sure to remember Andrassy Avenue, filled with all sorts of Burberry, Gucci and Christian Dior. In addition, there are many giant Molls in the capital (such as Campona, Mom Park, Mammut). The most famous and conveniently located from such major shopping centers – the Metropolitan Westend City Center (located near Newget Station) and Arena Plaza (opposite Keleti Station). In these stores will be able to buy everything: from clothes, shoes and accessories of budget brands (similar H&M, Zara, C&A) and elite goods of the highest price category.

In addition to ordinary shopaholics in Budapest, antiques hunters come out. In this city, many places where they can satisfy their passion: from the largest in the country (and one of the largest in the world) Esceri flea market, the whole "Antique" Miksa Falk Streets and Bukinistic Salon Muzeum Korut to small shops hidden in alleys filled with dust bass and real not open masterpieces. Buying antiques, you can try to reduce a bit of price 6 if in other stores it is not considered decent, then the sellers can make concessions on the market. Plastic cards of the main international payment systems are accepted everywhere, no problems with them usually occur.

Acquiring in one store of goods worth more than 52 thousand Hungarian forints (about 170 euros), it is worth asking to arrange a check of Taks-Free, so that after passing the boundary to return about 18-25 percent (the exact amount you can get, is considered to be individually in depending on the type of goods).

The only one, perhaps, a significant lack of shopping in Venia – Language barrier. The fact is that the sellers often speak only in their native language and can not help, and if you buy some products for which the description is important, it is also likely to be only in Hungarian (for example, you will not know, there is Did you like blouse "exactly the same, but other color and size" Or how to use an unfamiliar cosmetic tool).

Shopping time

Large shopping centers tend to work from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 21-22, and on Sunday – up to 18, but there are supermarkets receiving buyers around the clock. Small shops on weekdays usually open watches at 9-10 am and glad to see you until 18-19, on Saturday they closes a few hours earlier, and on Sunday arrange a day off. Tiny private shops can work on arbitrary graphics and close even immediately after lunch. At the same time, small private shops are often found on the streets of Budapest, which you can buy the main products and essential products around the clock.

Discounts and sales in Hungary

As in other European countries, the biggest sales in Hungary are held twice a year. After Christmas, start to reduce prices on items from the spring-summer collections, the biggest discounts can be found around the end of January and ends this holiday shopaholics the end of February. Clothing and shoes from the spring-summer collections will be able to purchase at very attractive prices in August-September.

However, even if you arrive in Hungary at other times, in many large stores will probably be held some Spring and sale, because a lot of goods, and sellers have to lower their prices all year round.

Guaranteed relentless sell-off all year awaits those who make it to the Premier Outlets Center – Outlet Village, bringing together almost one hundred boutiques most popular brands. Discounts on products in this area can achieve 70-80 percent.

Souvenirs from Hungary

The best place to buy souvenirs in Hungary (such as different kinds of paprika, foie gras, etc. NS.) – markets, the most famous of them – the giant Central Market (Központi Vásárcsarnok) in Budapest.

Traditional souvenirs – items of folk artists, ceramics, embroidery, dolls in national costumes, hand-painted porcelain factory and Herendskogo "Zholnai", halashskie lace, antiques, Hungarian paprika, foie gras, salami "Pick", Apricot and Cherry "palinka", guilt.

Shopping in Hungary

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Shopping in Hungary

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