Shopping in Hong Kong

There is a popular opinion that Hong Kong is one of those cities in the world where very good shopping. And, indeed, many come here not only to look at the sights, but also stroll around shopping with the use of the soul and big losses for the wallet. Why is Hong Kong called paradise for shopaholic? There are several main reasons. First, most of the goods that are sold in Hong Kong are not subject to taxes, which means they should cost cheaper especially, during the discount season. Secondly, Hong Kong is famous for its friendly staff and excellent service in stores, and thirdly, shopping lovers in Hong Kong are offered a great choice of both local brands and world, and, this applies to both clothes and electronics, cosmetics and other goods. Hong Kong shopping centers will be a real paradise for lovers stroll through shopping, because there is a great choice of things, pleasant prices and thoughtful infrastructure.

Shopping in Hong Kong

What is buying in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong you can buy almost everything. Here is a great choice of clothing from global brands, electronics, cosmetics, clocks and decorations. Of course both tea, porcelain, and all sorts of specialists of traditional medicine are carried away from Hong Kong, but it is rather from a series of souvenirs (More details) than classic shopping. In addition to boutiques of European houses mod, the Asian designers are well represented in Hong Kong, about which only a limited club of fashionists in Russia knows, among them: Erbert Chong, Shanghai Tang, Marie France Van Damme, Huishan Zhang and still fisen little known to the public names. If we talk about cosmetics, that is, both expensive boutiques of world manufacturers and supermarkets. The network of SASA stores is especially popular, in which you can purchase Japanese, Korean and Chinese cosmetics in any price segment. Also worth paying attention to the stores Mannings and Watsons – usually the pharmacy is also located in them. From these stores, we usually wear all kinds of useful pieces for children, such as a plaster from temperature, means of mosquitoes, repellents in the form of stickers for children, children’s toothpaste, shampoos and other inexpensive, but very good quality of hygiene.

SASA store in the center of Hong Kong

Separate attention deserves electronics and places where it can be bought. You can’t even imagine how many letters we get with a question "Where to buy a cheap iPhone in Hong Kong?"So we wrote a separate material in which they revealed Secrets of cheap electronics in Hong Kong.

Where to buy: Shopping Centers, Street Markets, Outlets

Conditionally places for shopping can be divided into three large categories: shopping centers, outlets and street markets. About each category, you can write a separate article, and then about each store one, and it will get a certain catalog of Hong Kong stores. And if you also add online stores there, it will be not a website about independent travels, but a directory of trade firms Hong Kong. So we will try briefly at the most main places.

Shopping centers of Hong Kong

Immediately behind the famous clock tower Kowulun begins Canton Road Street, on which expensive boutiques of almost all famous world brands are located. Some of them can observe the queues from the Chinese who came to Hong Kong on shopping from the mainland, and some are quite empty. Personally, we seemed to us that there were few prices in them differ from our, everything is as expensive, but experts claim that during the discount season there are excellent prices.

Gucci boutique in Hong Kong

On Canton Road, all stores are located for each other – it turns out such a soppy promenade. If it seems to you that in stores there are big queues, you just were not in shopping centers. In the shopping centers of Hong Kong collected several hundred shops, both with expensive boutiques and with quite democratic stamps of Zara, H&M, Bossino, Mango and others.

Shop H&M in Hong Kong

As for the prices, the mass market prices for women’s clothing are almost the same as in Russia, well, it can be a little cheaper, but prices are significantly lower for children’s things, and the choice is much more domestic.

What are the shopping centers to go, not in vain to spend time on shopping in Hong Kong? Here are just some of them. It is worth noting that shopping centers work mainly from 10 am to 10 pm, but here are a number of stores inside may have their own schedule and close earlier.

Harbor City Shopping Center in Hong Kong

It is believed that Harbor City is one of the largest shopping centers of Hong Kong, who gathered 499 stores under its roof on 14 floors. There is everything, more precisely, absolutely everything: clothes, and shoes, cosmetics, and technique and even household goods. Actually, boutiques on Canton Road, about which we wrote above, it is also Harbor City. There are also two cinema and a huge number of restaurants and cafes in the shopping center and a huge number of restaurants and cafes.

Address: 3-27 CANTON RD, TSIM SHA TSUI, Hong Kong

Opening hours: ten.00-22.00

Shopping Center Pacific Place

One of the most expensive and chic shopping centers of Hong Kong. Dear boutiques of world fashion houses are located on the upper floors, and the bottom occupy more democratic stamps and cozy cafes in which it is nice to eat after a long shopping. While moms spend the annual budget of the Republic of Congo to a new handbag, dads with children can go to Hong Kong Park, to walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

Address: 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Opening hours: ten.00-0.00

Shopping Mall Times Square

Another shopping center, which gathered both expensive brands and classic mass market. This shopping center is especially loved by our-speaking tourists, but what is explained by his popularity, it’s hard to say. It may be because it has a very "American" name, and maybe the reason is that a great collection of Asian designers stores is collected here.

Times Square shopping center

Address: 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Shopping Center The Landmark

Landmark Shopping Center is located in the heart of the historic part of Hong Kong and united under its roof all the most fashionable and expensive. Elegant boutiques from world and Asian designers, expensive restaurants, bars and fashionable hotel The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Address: Queen’s, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Shopping Center in Hong Kong – Festival Walk

The cozy shopping center Wolk Festival collected about 200 stores under its roof, among which there are quite a few small pavilions of local designers at democratic prices. The shopping center itself is built in full compliance with the traditions of Feng Shui, so it is not only pleasant to make purchases, but also is just.

Address: 80 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Opening hours: 07: 00-23: 00

Shopping centers with Asian brands

If European and American clothes are not very interested in you, but I want something asian, then you should pay attention to Allied Plaza and Kwai Chung Plaza shopping centers, which present a lot of inexpensive clothes from Korean designers. Fashion they have, of course, specific and not for everyone, but it is always possible to find something interesting, it is especially nice that it costs it really inexpensive.

Alied Plaza address: 760 Nathan RD, Hong Kong

Allied Plaza Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Outlets in Hong Kong

Separately, it is worth talking about the outlets of Hong Kong, because in them discounts 50-70% operate year-round and do not need to pod Vacation in Hong Kong Under the sale. &# 128578;

Outlet CityGate Outlets in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong - shops in Hong Kong, what to buy and how much it costs.

The most popular cityGate autlet tourists are located very close to Hong Kong Airport On Lantau Island, near the metro Tung Chung. Under the roof of Outlet, Sitigate has placed more than 80 stores as expensive European brands like Armani, Burberry B Diane von Furstenburg and more democratic Crocs, Nike, Levi’s and others. Discounts in stores year-round from 30 to 70%. Especially pleasant prices for things from past collections.

Address: 20 Tat Tung RD, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Outlet Horizon Plaza

Another outlet, Horizon Plaza, who love tourists from all over the world, is located in Aberdeen. Here you can find good things from Ralph Lauren, Armani and other designers with discounts 30-80%. To come to Aberdeen on shopping is also for the sake of the Prada outlet, which is located in the next Marina Square East Center shopping center.

Address: 2 Lee Wing St, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

Opening hours: 10: 00-19: 00

Markets of Hong Kong

Another shopping method in Hong Kong is the markets. Here there are a lot of them and for every taste, from the classic night Market Temple Street, to specialized carnival costume markets, business cards market and even Goldfish. In detail about each market, we told in The appropriate article, There you can find information about addresses, assortment and hours of each of them. If you want to just stroll and buy good souvenirs, then you or on a temple street, or on the female market. Top specialized markets are suitable only to search for something special, for example, if you want to buy jade jewelry, it is best to go to jade market.

Briefs, T-shirts and boards in the markets of Hong Kong

Sales in Hong Kong or when in Hong Kong the best discounts

Hong Kong is one of those cities where purchases are profitable to do yearnogodically, especially if you visit outlets. But, as in any other city of the world, there are two seasons when shopping is most profitable. Excellent discounts in all stores in Hong Kong in winter (December-February), good prices for Christmas week (December 25) and during the Chinese New Year. In the summer, Discounts in Hong Kong are usually distributed from July to September, they reach their peak in the first days of autumn, but there is a risk of not finding their size.

Several shopping councils in Hong Kong

Visa and MasterCard cards are taken not only in large stores and shopping centers, but even in markets and in small shops. You can bargain in the markets, but these are not the Arab countries, where the price is declining several times. Negotiations are particularly well, if you buy a few things from one seller. Be sure to check the goods that buy for complete completeness, integrity and other characteristics. Whatever enough, but the Ministry of Tourism of Hong Kong follows the quality of tourist services in stores and distributes the estimates of shopping centers. Find shops that have been checking and confirmed their high status, you can on the tourism website. Despite the fact that Hong Kong is considered a very safe city, in recent years the number of purses of wallets from bags in the markets is growing due to the influx of the population from the mainland China, so be sure to follow your things.

Hong Kong Shopping Excursions

Shopping in Hong Kong is such a common phenomenon that even special shopping tours appeared when the local resident will not only show you where the best prices and discounts, but will drive himself with you, everything will tell and show. Finding such a shopping guide is not a lot of work, but their services are completely cheap pleasure, from € 40 per hour. Here are just a few examples of such excursions:

    – From € 210 for 5 hours of Shopping – from € 198 in 5 hours of shopping

Shopping in Hong Kong – our experience

We treat that few category of people for whom shopping can be used as torture, and this is true not only for the male half of our family (which is logical), but also for women. Dear brands and luxury decorations are not very interested, so we do not go to shopping centers and boutiques in Hong Kong, but I will bring electronics quite often, and we also like walks in the markets, but here, rather, going to flavor, and not shopping.

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During one of the last trips, we were purposefully plunged into one of the shopping centers to bring children’s clothing, and it turned out, indeed, quite profitable. In general, if you like to go shopping, then do not hold yourself in Hong Kong, but go to shopping centers and enjoy! Pleasant and profitable shopping!

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