Shopping in Greece: a personal experience

Resided at the hotel Potidea Palace, we went to Enigma mall, interested in what we are, according to the guide, save time and will find everything they need to bring back from Greece. Frankly, we went out of interest and somehow spend the morning. Free shuttle from the hotel. We arrived there, bypassed, and really bought everything they wanted to take with them. And olives, and wine, and cream is very good. Souvenir also immediately there have. Value for money, the same as in stores and souvenir shops, but then we went 20 minutes and found all in one place. By the way, at the expense of 20 minutes last year, too, we rested on Cassandra went for coats in Kastoria, killed almost a whole day, but have acquired a quality coat. Now Kastoria brings their coats in Enigma, bought a fur vest, fur prices were pleasantly surprised. We had lunch next to Kritikos Restaurant, delicious cuisine has been at the level and prices are normal. I want to express gratitude guides for the care of our time and for good attitude. Really comfortable, for 3 hours I managed everything and all day remained free.

Tour for a fur coat with a commitment: Satisfied!

I thought for a long time where to buy a fur coat, in St. Petersburg or fly to Greece. In Greece for 1 euro, it was somehow doubtful. But I risked and my friend and I booked a tour, paid 1 euro for two and signed paper about what we assign to buy coats worth no less than 1200 euros. Well, I decided, why not, if I do not buy a fur coat, then we will have a rest in hotels 5 * and I will see Greece. True, then you need to pay the amount of 500 euros, which is the actual cost of vouchers.

When we flew to Greece, we met us by Muzenidis, for the beginning we were arranged for a small sightseeing tour of. Thessaloniki, then we went to g. Castoria. By itself, the city is very beautiful, located on the shore of the lake. On the way we were told about fur, distinction, production. The next day we went on a fur coat factories (by the way, all names factories were spelled out in a piece of paper that we signed in the agency when buying a tour). The eyes fused, a huge selection, from classic models to some exquisitely incredible)) I was able to choose myself a fur coat from mink (Black Lama) for 2500 euros. It remained very pleased! In the evening we staged a feast. Last 2 nights we spent in the city of Thessaloniki, in the hotel 5 *, walked around the city and shopping. Maybe, those who arrived for money 600 euros for a tour, maybe they have more discount on the fur coat, but in the end, if you count, then we went, it turns out more profitable. This year I send my mother-in-law with a girlfriend 28.10 of St. Petersburg, too, with Museum for 4 nights, and I am sure that they will return satisfied!

Shub-tour without commitment – scam

Buying fur coats in parallia Katerini

Fur coat stores in the parallia not less than 50, the range is the most different – from cheap fur coats from slices to tricky models with trot and sable. We needed first for 3 days only to get around and study and explore the range. Fur coats in Greece are buying mostly our, therefore, in almost all stores have salespeople who speak in our.

If desired, find the coat is not difficult, the main thing is not to get confused later, where he saw and measured the. I advise you, if something you like in the store, then take the card and make notes for yourself what there is you are interested in a model. Bargaining is necessary only when it is precisely defined with a choice of coats and intend to buy it. But discounts do very small, of the order of 100-200 euros, so it is best to negotiate with the owner of the store itself, not sellers. If you have time to 4-5 days, the coat can make and to order according to your desired size and style, but it will be a bit more expensive. But in any case, coats Paralia Katerini cheaper than in Moscow about 2 times.

Some practical tips for choosing a fur coat. The first and most important thing that has not been sewn lining the bottom hem, this is a must-do on the coats of good quality. Lining is necessary to turn away and look at the skin dressing. If the skin is not dyed, the membrane must be the color of melted milk. Squeeze it in your hand, if it is well crushed, and not rustle, the skin retain moisture. What better coat of solid plates or dissolution – it makes no sense to discuss, that is.To. Opinions differ here. Someone thinks that it is better whole skins – fur warmer, but it is not as flowing and on the sleeves, etc. places of constant wear can be pulled and bubble. Shuba in the dissolution is considered easier and more elegant, but at the same membrane is thinner and not as dense fur, although due to the plurality of seams more durable – can not be withdrawn (so I’m told people in the know). Here it is up to you, that more will attract.

All three of us bought a fur coat, but each in his store, select all in one shop failed. I was more fortunate, because the store JOHN FURS, in which I was chosen a fur coat from a black Canadian mink black nafa, the owner sells. His name is Janis, very friendly, fluent in our. After a long, stubborn and kind bargain, he lost 300 euros, which was the most discount (of us three). Buying fur coats was immediately "Scum" Martini, which Janis treated us.

You can only pay for a fur coat only in cash, the Greeks cards do not take to leave taxes. Since I didn’t take the cash on the fur coat, I had to shoot them at an ATM near our hotel.

On the fur coat must be issued checks (something like our invoice) in 2 copies. One (white) you give at customs when flying from Greece, and another (pink or blue) – leave yourself. The price in the check is discharged much less than you paid for a fur coat (about 1000-1500 euros), so the Greeks go from taxes. Yes, and in our customs regulations there is a restriction on a duty free of goods worth not more than 1,500 euros.

The fur coat is better to keep storing in the store and only before leaving (nothing happens to them, you can not doubt).

Where to carry a fur coat home in a suitcase or in hand putting – solve yourself. We heard many of the most controversial opinions on this. As a result, we were brought in hand clashes, as they say their own burden is better closer to the body. At Domodedovo Airport, we passed customs only by one flight, so customs officers, having learned that the flight from Thessalonikov flew, he shone the entire luggage and manual sting at all. If you carry one fur coat, then they are not interested.

Shopping in Athens: Tips

Information for the ladies, I personally didn’t have enough of it. For those who are spoiled by the sale in Italy. World brands are presented in large shopping centers.

Mega-type (Golden Palace, Notos Gallery – There are several of them in Central Notos – Parking No, closer to the periphery All shops with underground parking, stands within 3 euros). There is a certain zone, which is called Attica, and there is everything, as in Milan or Rome.

Plus familiar H Weber and B Barcley (tailoring or China or Turkey). Prices for Italian brands will be somewhat higher than in Italy, prices for "Habitual firms" In the basic version, the same as in Moscow, but taking into account the presence of discounts up to 40% and Taks-Free, it turned out anyway it is more profitable, well, the choice is several times wider. Loved the clothes of local Greek production. Look for her better in the surrounding street. Ermma Perekam.

Several times stumbled into specialized stores with large sizes. Taking into account discounts – skirts 10-20 euros, jackets 20-30 plus VAT refund at customs. (By the way very easy, quickly and just.)

Shub Tour in Greece: Consumer Protection

Shopping in Greece personal experience

We went to Greece in August, in a hubby with a commitment plus rest. During September, consulted with free lawyers in Greece by El. Email. In Greece, too, there is a law on the protection of consumer rights. From the preliminary correspondence, I realized that the scheme on which the shub-tour works with the obligations of illegal and in the view of Greek lawyers. Also, the rights of the consumer violates and imposed visits to the WIN factories on the way to the airport before departure to Moscow. There is a consumer protection society (INKA), whose duties include take measures to comply with Law 2251/94 ‘("On consumer protection").

If the buyer’s rights are violated, then on the site www.Inka.GR should fill out a plaintive list of society, unfortunately, while you can only in Greek, but if complaints from Russia are, then there may be the Greeks and will find a translator.

– right to use the purchased product (service);

– Security right;

– the right to receive a full amount of information about this product;

– right to choose a purchase;

– The right to transfer the representative office of the buyer to the authority to protect his rights (employees of consumer society) in the event of problems;

– right to receive "penalty" in the case of selling him a defective goods;

– the right to gain knowledge in the field of buying and selling goods in order to be able to make purchases on their own (without assistance);

– right to life in a healthy atmosphere not threatening his life and health.

Shopping in Greece personal experience

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