Shopping in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular for the shopping countries of the world. Low prices not even during the sales period, huge shopping centers and a guaranteed Tax-Free refund if you have made a purchase of only 25 euros – all this attracts people. One drawback – the clothes and footwear sold in German stores are often more suitable and respectable burghers byurgersham, whereas buy something fashionable and current is much more difficult.

Shopping hours in Germany

Until a few years ago, local residents and tourists felt uncomfortable when they had to buy something at the weekend: almost all the shops with lunch Saturday were closed until Monday morning. Now follow this schedule only a few small private shops, working with 08.00 to 16.00-17.00, and stores more usually visible, at least 6 days per week with 10.00 (supermarkets even 07.00-08.00) AM-19.00-20.00 pm, the largest of them – up to 21.00-22.00. On Sunday, products and essential commodities can be bought in stores at train stations and petrol stations. In addition, several times a year shopping malls suit "Sunday working", Therefore, before visiting any city and you should look at the website of the mall – suddenly it is possible to visit after hours.

Germany shops

Each even a small city in Germany there is a kilometer long street, or even a whole district, crowded shops. In Frankfurt – it Zeil (Zeil), where shopping enthusiasts waiting for a giant 10-storey department store Zeilgalerie, Hamburg – walking Shpitalershtrasse (Spitaler Straße) and noisy filled Mönckebergstraße machines (Mönckebergstraße), in Cologne – Hoeshtrasse (Hohe Straße ) and extended the nearby alley Schildergasse (Schildergasse), in Stuttgart – Königstraße (Königstraße), in Nuremberg – comfortable pedestrian zone in the old center on Karolinenstraße (Karolinenstraße), in Munich Kaufingerstraße (Kaufingerstraße) and many others.

Typically, these streets are similar as twins: there is bound to be department stores Karstadt, Galerie Kaufhof, inexpensive shops C&A and H&M, MediaMarkt, cheap shoe Deichmahn and many others. Nothing unique you will not find there, but buy a lot of high-quality clothing and shoes, and do not spend a lot of money.

It is worth looking into the German TCHIBO store: in Germany, it is sold not only good coffee, but also produced under the same brand name, kitchen appliances and various goods for the home, and all this is relatively inexpensive, produced in small batches, and the range is constantly updated.

But if you like trendy, stylish, unusual and modern, then in Germany you probably do not like. To correct the impression, it is worth calling the city of Münster and visit Ludgeristraße – the most famous shopping street of the city, filled with designer shops with exclusive things.

Home Products The Germans are bought in network universes: in cheap Lidl and Aldi or a little more expensive, such as Rewe, Plus, Kaufland, Edeka, Real. Along with this, many locals necessarily visit small favorite shops, where they sell "the most delicious in Germany" bread, sausages or sweets.

Beautiful sexes are trying to bring local cosmetics from Germany. Therefore, look at typical German shops such as DM, Müller, Rossmann. Take attention to the goods of firms that are not presented in Russia: on a variety of creams from Balea, shampoos and other hair care products from Alverde and much more. Ladies usually bring Schwarzkopf cosmetics, Essence, DR. Hauschka.

Markets in Germany

It is impossible to say that classic markets in Germany are very popular. Products from the bazaar where everything with consoles are sold "Bio" and "eco", Extremely expensive, to afford them can not all, so most of the practical German Germans buy food in ordinary supermarkets.

Flea markets are much greater love, where German residents get rid of unnecessary things (and, of course, be seen new). If you do not mind to eat in the old woman, then you are a straight road to the capital Fohmarkt am Mauerpark or Frankfurt Flohmarkt am Mainufer. Such markets regularly appear in small villages, so before the trip we recommend to look at the official site of the village, where invitation announcements are usually published.

There is another type of markets, in the visit of which the locals do not refuse themselves – christmas. About a month before the holiday across Germany, fair madness begins. In large and small cities and even in the most tiny villages on the squares, Christmas bazaars open. Perhaps neither in one country of Europe do not have such a variety of markets! If you planned a trip to this magical time, we recommend going to Munich: the main classic market opens to Marienplatz (Marienplatz), but it is much more interesting to visit Vittelsbacherplatz (Wittelsbacherplatz), where the medieval bazaar is organized, treat the ears of the former centuries, offered to participate in folk fun that time. Truly the giant market opens in Nuremberg: every year there in the very center of the city install almost two hundred tents between which a couple of millions of buyers go.

And it is better to choose the sweet tools: on the market on Strocellmarct, you can also purchase a characteristic local ceramics, and glass products, and a variety of variations on the theme of bedroom – Christmas cupcake with fruits and nuts, so you will easily find this market on the smell!

Discounts and sales in Germany

Shopping in Germany

Previously, the Germans were punctual and started selling on the team simultaneously in most shopping centers. But a few years ago, store owners recognized it unprofitable, and now in the winter prices are gradually begin to decline immediately after Catholic Christmas (and in some places even a little earlier, in order to attract the public-silent stores in search of the last gifts) and do not rise until the end of January. Summer season of discounts is stretched around the middle of June-early July and until the end of August. With every year, summer sales also start, all before, and some owners of boutiques begin to postpone the appeal posters already in May.

Remember that the most profitable offers and the biggest discounts merchants are offered in mid-January and the second half of July, but the locals are easy to rise, so the range is very quickly becoming quite scarce, the right sizes and colors no longer remains.

If you ended up in Germany at another time of the year, just visit some of the major shopping centers – there will definitely be inexpensive things of old collections. Or go to Outlet. Just 30 minutes by train From the German capital, you can find Berlin Designer Outlet (belonging to the McArthurglen Designer Outlets chain), which combined about 80 boutiques, which sells goods of such Middle-brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, Stefanel, Desigual and others with discounts 30-70 percent. Another village of the same network is called Designer Outlet Neumünster and is located in the town of the same name in the hour of ride on special shuttlees from the Central Station of Hamburg or Kiel.

Not far from Munich there is another very popular outlet village of Ingolstadt Village (refers to the Chic Outlet Shopping Village network), located in the city of the same name. There should be to go beyond the brands like Baldinini, Gant, Mexx, Patrizia Pepe, Wolford, Columbia, Ecco. Another very similar village of the same network – Wertheim Village – can be visited, being in Frankfurt am Main (Outlet is located about an hour away from it).

Truly the giant village Zweibrucken Designer Outlet erected almost on the border of Germany, France and Luxembourg between the cities of Kaiserslautern and Saarbrucken. In huge Pavilions, fashionistas are waiting for goods with brands such as Versace, Diesel, Lacoste, Burberry, Puma, United Colors of Benetton, Esprit and others. Alas, the place is not very convenient if you are not on the car.

Men recommend to go to the legendary boutique Hugo Boss, located 30 kilometers south of Stuttgart in Metzingen – the first among such stores, Open back in 1970. Gradually grown around him "village" monobrand boutiques from companies such as Bogner, Escada and many others. By the way, the village experienced in many consider the best tourist shopping in Germany.

True shopaholics do not pass over the most popular and mono-brand outlets of which in Germany has also. Berlin will please fans of the Swedish design brand Marc O’Polo. Unlike other autetov this store is very convenient: can be reached on the capital U-bahn (Shopie-Charlotte-Platz station).

Another name that for many years know our – Gerry Weber . Monobrand shop with this good-quality wearable clothing classical and even a little "old school" Style is in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the town Brokhagen (before it is easily accessible by train from the cities of Düsseldorf and Dortmund). If you buy things this company we have, then you would think that the Germans give them to you for free!

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