Shopping in Frankfurt am Main

The oldest and most famous shopping street of Frankfurt is the street Tsail (Zeil), coming from Hauptwache in the West and to Konstablerwache in the East, the second in the prestige (and rental costs) in Germany after Munich KaufingerStrasse. It is believed that on Zeil you can find an 85% of what is produced in the world, and this is hardly far from the real situation – only the ultra-modern MYZEIL shopping center offers 100 stores, the number of boutiques and branded outlets will translate for a thousand. And on Christmas Eve, this pedestrian street turns into one of the largest and oldest christmas bazaars of Germany.

However, the most expensive trading platform of Frankfurt is another street – Goethestrasse, running away from Goetheplatz to Opernplatz between the business district and the city center. Most of the prestigious shops are concentrated here, including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Tiffany, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Cartier, Burberry, Vertu and Bulgari.

Under the generally accepted name FressGass hides a small curved plot Kalbächer Gasse and Große Bockenheimer Strasse between Börsenstrasse and Opernplatz in the city center. Here, among the prestigious stores like Apple Store, Hugo Boss and Porsche Design, you can find a lot of first-class snack bars, shops of delicacies, beer and confectionery.

The longest trading street of Frankfurt – Berger Strasse, starting in the city center at Von-Bethmann-Park and walking through Nordend and Bornheim to the northeast to the Zebebach region (Seckbach). There are always less people than on Zeil, and shops, restaurants and cafes are more compromised – but they are noticeably more.

Shopping in Frankfurt am Main

The most multicultural trading zone of Frankfurt is Münchener Strasse, located between the central station and Willy-Brandt-Platz. Here you can find an abundance of shops that sell goods from Turkey, the Middle East and Asia. By parallel to her Kaiserstrasse is one of the most famous streets of the city because of the abundance of beautiful buildings in Grundder style (Gründerzeit), as well as small shops, restaurants and cafes. For some reason she got also nickname "Frankfurt District Red Lights", Although the institution-oriented institutions have long moved to neighboring streets, such as Taunusstrasse.

Kleinmarkthalle (literally – "Small market hall") It is indeed an indoor shopping complex in the city center, not far from Konstablerwache. And here "Small" It can be called with a large stretch – this is the largest public market in the center of Frankfurt, traditionally attracting residents of the city and tourists. It is considered the best place to acquire fresh products, colors, regional delicacies, as well as a wide variety of imported goods. Many art galleries and buccinistic shops can be found at Brauchbachstrasse (also area Altstadt). But for high-quality and inexpensive clothes, locals prefer to go to the Boutique village Wertheim Village.

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