Shopping in Finland

Shopping in calm Finland is not only nice, but also quite profitable. Therefore, it is not surprising that many ours go to spend money in this country, and for the residents of Peter Shopping in Suomie became a everyday event that look like a trip to the next supermarket.

Stores Finland

For some of the tourists particularly enthusiastic shopping, the visit to Finland ends a few kilometers from the border. As a rule, they only come to Lappeenranta or Kotki, and there are local shops. In Lappeenranta, the largest shopping center of this city of ISO Kristiina, as well as Malls Armada (among other things, there is a large selection of animal products and for flower growing), Galleria, Family Center (in it is of interest to the CROCOLIINI Children’s store) , Rajamarket supermarket (where along with products can be purchased auto parts). In which shopping is departed in Pasaati and in the famous low prices Euromarket.

The main address that each shopaholic should be born, departing in Helsinki – Aleksanterinkatu. On this not very long street, stores of major local and international brands of various price categories are concentrated: H&M, Vero Moda, Superdry, Lindex, Dressmann, Mango and many others.

Fantastic selection of electronics is waiting for you in Europe’s largest store technology VerkkokaUppa (in the Helsinki district Jätkäsaari) or in its branches in other cities of the country.

For products, you can go to the Network Supermarkets of Prizma, Lidl, Alepa, Siwa, K-Market, S-Market and others, which are throughout the country. However, wines, strong alcohol and in general any alcoholic beverages tight 4.5 degrees you will not find there – they will have to go to Network stores Alko.

Finnish markets

It is not accepted to bargain in Finland, however, you can try to ask the seller slightly reduced the price. The most popular market in the capital, who does not pass a single tourist, is located on shopping area (KAUPPATORI) in the southern port. There you can buy local traditional products, souvenirs. There are in the capital and other markets, including indoor.

Especially for those who love vintage things, over all of Finland constantly act more semi-thousand flea markets. Attend such places is better in the summer when the sellers are larger and the range is wider. For example, among the most popular bazaars Helsinki giant year-round Valtteri, Hietalahti, a weekend market at an ice stadium (on Nordenskiöldinkatu), in Dalpénpuisto and Pengerpuisto parks in Kallio (Kallio). Urban flea market Imatran City-Kirppis in Imatre and Euro-Kirppis in Lappeenranta are especially popular with ours, as it is close to the border.

Shopping time in Finland

Large department stores and shopping centers are open from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 21.00, on Saturday – from 09.00 to 18.00, and on Sunday – from 12.00 to 18.00. Shops smaller waiting for buyers on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00, on Saturday – from 10.00 to 15.00-16.00, and the last day of the week do not work.

A little different schedule of the markets: they are usually open from Monday to Saturday (and in the summer – and on Sundays) from 06.30-07.00 am to 18.00 pm on weekdays and up to 15.00-16.00 at the weekend.

Before traveling for purchases in Finland, it is worth checking if you do not fall there during public holidays. These days, absolutely all stores can be closed, life in cities freezes, and even urban transport is less often.

Sales in Finland

On average, prices for clothing and shoes in Finnish stores are somewhat lower than in our, but if it is possible to get into the Somomi countries during the sales period, then the benefit will be very significant.

As in many other European countries, the sale in Finland is held twice a year: prices begin to decline in winter after Catholic Christmas (that is, after December 25) and in the summer, about the holiday of Yuhannus (in late June-early July). In the first week-avenol, the cost of goods falls about 25-35 percent, and in a month – already 70 percent. However, by the end of the sale of the right color and size, it is very difficult to find.

Also regularly (usually closer to the end of each month) are held sales of the clothes of the past. Most often, during such shares, prices are lowered by 25-50 percent.

However, choosing the goods, be attentive: sometimes under a shockingly low price with small fonts in Finnish it is written that it is valid only for owners of discount cards. Therefore, before payment at the checkout it is better to clarify the final cost.

Twice a year on Saturday of the 21st week (in May) and on the last Saturday of August in Helsinki "General cleaning day": At this time it is allowed to sell anything and anywhere, so the capital turns into a single giant flea market.

Discounts in Finland

All year round products at discount prices can be bought in outlet. Just 10 minutes drive from the our border (from the Border point of Tofyanovka) is a large Brand Outlet Center, an outdoor popular actor Villa Haapasalo. You can purchase goods of brands Guess, Calvin Klein, Kenwood and others.

Shopping in Finland

This cult place for shopping lovers – Outlet Stockmann in Helsinki (on Keskuskatu). It opened quite recently instead of a nobled outlet in Vantaa.

Discount centers of warm winter and sportswear brand Luhta, and outlets of fashionable youth clothing M.A.S.I. Company.

The largest outlet center of Finland Megamyynti Areena is located 85 kilometers from the capital and 35 kilometers from the city of Lahti in the village of Orimattila. In this mega-mall, stamps such as Arabia, Iittala, Fiskars, Hackman and Lumene, as well as Pierre Cardin, United Colors of Benetton and many others. The center is open all the days of the week, but not working in February and August.

How to save when shopping in Finland

If you bought in one store of goods worth from 40 euros, you can safely ask to arrange Tax-Free. And if you don’t forget to put a stamp on it on it, you can then return VAT (about 8 percent, but not more than 17 percent of the final amount of purchases). But keep in mind that you will not just be able to use these goods to the border: the seller will put them in the bag and firmly fix it (open it is impossible!) – All this creates some difficulties when packing things.

Another way to save is suitable for those who go to Finland regularly. Any our tourist, making a purchase, can arrange the so-called "invoice". On this document, you will receive back the entire VAT, and this is 18-22 percent on clothes, shoes and equipment and 8-12 percent for medicines, books and products (whereas when the Tax-Free is cleaned you are not returned – part of the amount is held by Global Blue for service). The purchase amount may be any. To return the money, you need, as in the case of Tax-Free, when leaving the country at customs before passing passport control, put a stamp (indicating that the purchases were exported). And it does not matter whether things are packaged or not, you wore new clothes or while they were shrouded. With stamped invoice you will go to the store for money in the next arrival in Finland.

Despite the fact that the invoice is more profitable, there are some in this system "Underwater" Stones. It is not so many stores. Mainly we are talking about outlets specializing in expensive clothes, electronics, auto parts. However, every year the number of shops where invoice is growing.

Unfortunately, it is possible to receive money in the invoice personally. If you want to reconstruct this friend – it is most likely to make a power of attorney (however, some stores go to meet and issue funds to another person without unnecessary formalities, but it is better to discuss this question immediately when registering an invoice).

The time during which you can return for money depends on the outlet (usually you can wait from 3 months to one year). This is also better to ask immediately in the store.

Sometimes instead of money, the seller provides a discount on the subsequent purchase.

Very rare, but some stores can immediately sell you the goods cheaper, deducting from the value of VAT. Then you have to put a stamp when customs passage and throw the form in a special orange box. But, since merchants suggest that the tourist will forget this to do, they prefer this type of invoices not to accompany.

Shopping in Finland

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