Shopping in Finland (what, where and how).

For shopping and shopping campaigns in Finland, it is extremely appropriate "Preparing Sani in the summer ..". The fact is that buying in Finland is best to do at the end of the season.

But first should be clarified that in Finland is the season. For example, spring in Finnish stores does not occur on March first, here it begins at the end of January. Showcases begin to call inscriptions "New collection went on sale" or "We already have spring". It’s nice, of course, think that spring is not far off, but the reasons for the appearance of such posters are very prosaic: you need to sell as much as possible, and if you start the season earlier, then you will sell more. What is happening at this time with the Winter Collection? Right, it urgently sells, in order to free the place for a new. This is in early February, when ahead is still a couple of months of the present winter! Here it is, it’s time to purchase snowboards or other inventory for winter sports, clothes that served until the end of winter will remain waiting for the following colds, or lovely gifts, not tied to the winter season, but also hitting and leaving.

Winter wardrobe at a 50 percent cost is better to acquire during the Christmas sales period, from the end of December to the end of January. Software, textiles, various kitchen-interior utensils – stocking more economically at the end of the year, when large department stores supply balance and update the range. Summer outfits sellers start actively and cheap immediately after Juhannus / Yuhannus, Ivanov’s Day (this holiday is celebrated on Saturday between June 20 and 26, this year – the 26th), and continue the discount share until mid-August. Shoes at this time can be bought in half prices, and dishes and bed linen … Even for 40 percent.

Another way to save is not bad: buy gifts for the next year during the Christmas sales period. After all, in front of March 8 and countless birthdays, weddings and just pleasant reasons … Get yourself a sorty year-round Santa Claus bag – and in most cases do not have to think that to give a loved one. Over time, the habit of filling the bag during trips abroad or just a Sunday hike shopping.

In Finland, sales are not only seasonal: if the store closes for repairs, moves or broke, the owner tries to part with the contents of the showcases and shelves as soon as possible, so it’s ready to give everything literally for a penny, or rather for the centners. Such sales happens not so rarely, the words of Loppuunmynti or TyhjennySmynti will indicate you the epicenter of discounts, and then do not miss a happy moment when the time is money and for the owner, hurry to say goodbye to your product, and for you hurrying this product to purchase.

There are also special stock centers, where stores – the rest of the time is not cheap at all – they sell what was not redeemed within the deadline. For example, at the Stockmann department store, such a center is located on the Keha III bypass road. Here you and the clothes of famous designers, and sports goods, and toys. Choosing, of course, more compromised than in the main department store (instead of six floors only one), but the prices will please you.

In addition, many large firms conduct their own campaigns, sales and shares. Very often in the shop windows you can see funny equations "3 + 1" or "1 + 1 = 1", That is, you buy three (or two) things – you get one for free. The same Stockmann arrange a grand sales one twice a year "Crazy days"/ Hullut Paivat, in Sokos about the same time there are days "3 + 1". These shares are designed to attract buyers outside the usual seasonal sales. And they look like the most real fairs: the crowd, crossed price tags, in Stockman, these are also sellers dressed in the costumes of bees. In short, the atmosphere makes parting with money even faster than on Christmas.

Another advice: first I ask Straight, look – and only then go to the checkout. The fact is that two different stores can sell the same product at a given price! This is especially true of books, CDs, design subjects. There are prestigious shops, but there are small shops, owners of which simply do not afford to keep the root goods. There is a difference in stores in one network: it happens that only one of them is a sale – on the occasion of repair, for example.

Practically in every store, and in all major certain, there are always baskets or hangers, where the blade goods are folded. For example, in the stores of youth fashion H&M discounts permanently. First, find the basket with the Tarjous inscription /"Special offer". And this is not outdated models. Finns, for example, not big lovers of dark colors, and our buyers will only be happy.

And what to do if the thing did not fit? If the check is preserved, then within 14 days your purchase will change or return money. This rule sometimes does not apply to goods at a discount, and the replacement is not subject to cosmetics, underwear and swimsuits.

What, where, how much?

If you are traveling around the country by car, look at large department stores, which are usually located on the main highways on the road from the city. So around Helsinki, like mushrooms, grew by Gigantti, Jumbo, Bauhaus and also kind three dozen huge shopping centers. They and the range is usually wider, and prices due to the guaranteed flow of visitors and flexible marketing policies are very democratic.

If you want to purchase products of a particular enterprise, the most reasonable thing is to go to the store at the same time the company is called TehDasmyMala. Here, of course, you can choose from the entire range of factory. You can buy and what was removed from production, or just a product with a hard marriage. Light scratch on a vase, barely noticeable defect on a jacket, any smallest inconsistency of the standard – and as a result a serious discount. There are other pleasant surprises. For example, in the store in the manufacture of clothing, it happens to stock wonderful high-quality Finnish matter, which has been vacuized. Worth about 3 euros per kilogram. Find out about such a promotion, it is unlikely to be able to learn, so do not hesitate to visit stores in the factories, at different fairs.

And what to bring as a gift to those who stayed at home? It is desirable because it was immediately visible where he. Wine and sharp sausages are brought from Spain "Choriso", from India – Sari and Spices, but what is unique in Finland? Here are your alcoholic beverages: berry liqueurs, of which the most popular – cloth, designer tableware – Arabia, Iittala, Hackman, and items for sauna (tar, various natural sponges, essential oils, barrels). Gifts more solid – Finnish fur, decoration from Lapponia gold or semi-precious metals along the ancient sketches of Kalevala Koru, as well as skins of deer and bears and products of them (everything, of course, the creations of the finish designers).

Shopping in Finland (what, where and how).

Most often in stores, and the markets price is indicated … But it happens that the cost for some reason was taped. In this situation, you can ask: "Paljonko Maksaa / Maxaa Palonko / How much?" Bargain in Finland is not accepted in neither stores or in the markets. But if your copy is the last, and you notice a small defect on it (for example, a button dangles on one thread – the trouble is quite corrected by your own efforts), it is worthwhile to ask the seller whether the goods are sold at the same price. The hint is usually understood from a half. Sometimes in small private stores, the owner, he is the seller, and will offer a discount, if noticeing the buyer of doubts. And to frankly ask about the discount. You can except in the stores of electronics and household appliances.

Tax FREE – even cheaper!

Most our tourists either heard about Tax Free, or enjoyed it. This is a system of returning taxes included in the purchase price, those who are going to take it outside the EU. You can use this privilege anyone who does not live constantly in the EU.

With the first phenomenon of Tax Free (sometimes called Duty Free) – Duty free shop – you will meet on "Note" earth, immediately after crossing the border. The cost of some goods here is significantly lower than in Finland and in Russia. What is mostly buying here? Qualitative alcoholic beverages – in an amount not exceeding the established vehicle. Here the cosmetics and perfumery of the world’s leading brands are in price twice as lower than in Russia, there are still souvenirs, cigarettes, gifts and sweets. You can use the services of a store only on the way from Russia to Finland, so if something liked – buy, there will be no such opportunity on the way back. An even wider range and at lower prices is represented by ferries running between Finland and Sweden or Finland and Estonia.

If taxes are already deducted from the cost of goods in border stores, then a slightly different situation in ordinary Finnish stores. The cost of goods (including food) includes value added tax. Foreign citizens (with the exception of those who have permission to work or a residence permit in EU countries) when traveling from the country is partially freed from paying this tax, returning 10-16 percent to them – the return amount depends on the amount of purchase – from the amount paid. Reimbursement of the tax difference occurs when crossing the border at the Tax Free Return Points (they do not work around the clock, but it is not necessarily present at airports and in seaports, and at the automotive checkpoints, and in trains).

Tax Free Checks are drawn up at the time of purchase (in stores where you can make Tax Free, above the front door in a blue-blue square-arrow flavor "Tax Free Shopping"). To receive a check, it is necessary in one place (it does not matter – a tiny boutique or a huge supermarket) to purchase goods a total of not less than a certain amount – 40 euros. Then, when calculating, warn the cashier: "Tax Free", – and stretch your passport. You will be filled with a check (on your own you will need Latin letters to enter your own name, surname, home address and put your signature), and then package with purchases sealed. Neither open the package before crossing the border, it is impossible to remove from it! Money will be returned if only the package is sealed. The check will print the staff of the Finnish customs when leaving the country (this can be done within three months when counting from the last day of purchase), and only after that it is allowed to disclose your packages and rejoice in new acquisitions. If the return point was closed – for example, you crossed the border at night, – ask the Finnish customs officers to put the print on your checks, and then you can get your money during the next trip or in some banks to return home.

You are already planning a trip to Finland for purchases by loving our stories? Hurry up, the season of discounts is short, and now it’s time to acquire what has long been dreamed of, – for half!

Shopping in Finland (what, where and how).

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