Shopping in Espoo

One of the largest shopping centers of Finland – Sello, Located in Leppävara (Leppävaara), Southeast Espoo. In addition to numerous shops, the Concert Hall of Sellosali, Bowling Bowscircus, Hotel Glo, Cinemas and Nightclubs, as well as a few dozen restaurants and cafes.

  • Shopping complex Sello
  • Urban library Espo on the second floor of the ISO Omena shopping center
  • Shopping in Espoo
  • Exhibition Park Marketnpuit

One of the major shopping areas – Matinkylä – Olari (Matinkylä-Olari) in the southeastern part of Espoo, north of the Bay of Layalachti. There are more than 115 stores and galleries specializing in fashionable clothing, designer products, almost as many leisure centers and restaurants. There is also one of the largest shopping centers of Big Helsinki – ISO OMENA (in translation – "Big apple", Piispansilta 11, 02230 ESPOO), a real city with a first-class selection of shops and restaurants, which provides many opportunities to have a great time. In addition, it is also just a very pretty coastal area, whose architecture is very elegantly inscribed in numerous green zones and the fusion line of the sea coast.

In the center of the Northern Espoo district (Espoo, Pohjois-Espoo), between Lakes Bodominjärvi, Grundtrask and Pitkoyarvi is located Exhibition Park Marketnpuit (MarketanPuisto), in whose territory more than a hundred companies and organizations represent their products in the field of landscape design, construction and arrangement of green areas. This is a real monument of garden-park art and architecture, divided into many thematic areas with a total area of ​​more than 100 hectares, representing the most advanced trends in the landscape design market. And almost all exhibits can be bought or order, and also to learn about the set of subtleties of plant breeding or arrangement of territories. For young visitors, several playgrounds are open with a variety of attractions, as well as stylized windmills. Some old wooden houses have once existed here, Erixberg, have been preserved – they are located cafes with their own bakeries and affordable prices. You can get here from Espo on buses №21, 29, 82, 315 and 533.

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Ride by car in Finland

. The neighborhood of the hotel is very picturesque, close to the pier with a lot of boats, stadium, tennis courts (but they, in my opinion, are not a hotel, but for the surrounding inhabitants), everywhere green plantings, neat lawns, garbage is not lying anywhere. Right at the surrounding area (mainly at night or in the morning), you can meet a renowned animation: the squirrel sits calmly on the bench, hares – rusaki does not rush and without fright jump somewhere on the lawn, not paying attention to people, some birds like Tetherov sit among the trees. Read more →

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