Shopping in Egypt

As a souvenir in Egypt, you can buy stone (basalt, granite or alabaster) figurines of the ancient Egyptian gods, hookah ("Shisha"), Papyrus.

In the resort areas, the vast majority of shops and shops do not have fixed prices.

When buying stone statuettes you need to fear fakes "under a stone" from painted gypsum. To check, you can rack the bottom of the statuette – painted gypsum will give itself a white scratch.

When buying hookah ("Shishi") It should be borne in mind that often come across "souvenir" Shisha, to use in direct appointment almost impossible.

Attentive to be and when purchasing papyrus. Cheap banana stamping on poor-quality and short-lived materials are really worth 1-3 Egyptian pounds. High-quality papyrus (it can be found on the neat picture execution technique and for the fact that it can be cooled without the least harm and smith) will cost about 10-20 Egyptian pounds.

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Jewelry shop in the old town of Cairo

There is an interesting jewelry store in the old town. He is the only one in his own way, located near the temple of the Virgin Mary, on the way to which tourists usually give it in it to see read further →

Luxor: Living city – Contrast of extreme poverty and wealth!

For the first time in life I saw the city in which the extreme degree of poverty and wealth is combined. At the same time, the level of rich citizens in the country is 2%, the middle class is 4%, everything else is poverty. Read more →

Tupikinbiel | June 2014

Shopping in Egypt

Egypt Country stolen

I still decided to go to the pyramids. None of the neighbors ride with us signed. Sani has already ended money, and Khokhol also refused, saying that they do not love his wife "Muumufykiya". Read more →

Robertymen | January 2001

City Tours in Hurghada, Shopping. Advantages and disadvantages

Paradise walking place is Hurghada Marina Boulevard! Thank God that tourists from our hotel told us about this new place for the pleasant pastime tourists. Read more →

Volna10 | June 2011

Hurghada in January

Vouchers were acquired in Omsk tour. Agency, 10 days Ultra AI, Hotel Sunrise Mamlouk Palace Resort, Departure from Ekaterinburg (Koltsovo). Someone in one of the reviews said there is no sea at this hotel. Yes, there is it, just if you go to the sea from the beach – the shortning bottom. The depth begins fast, meter after 2-3, half a kilometer on foot as in the next Dana Beach should not go. When the sea is worried, the water is frantic. Out of 10 days – 8 water was clean. Read more →

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