Shopping in Egypt: Personal Experience

Disappointment from the City Tour by Hurghad and "another" Shopping

Rested in Hurghada with family in Grand Plaza in June. The path from the airport is 15 minutes, and if you count from the aircraft to the hotel, including the passage of customs, then minutes 45.

At the reception, we were welcomed with us, and we, in order to avoid unnecessary hassle, put a little dollars in the passport, quickly settled in the room overlooking the wonderful garden. And so we are on vacation!

Hotel is excellent, he has always been famous for a worthy service. Personnel courtesy and friendly, animation, however, as always in Egypt, quite mediocre, but it is not important. The main thing is a wonderful beach and an extraordinary Red Sea! The hotel has several restaurants and a very worthy feeding.

From the excursions they took: Coral Islands, as always delight! Jeep Safari "Badava" – Good service from the company, perfectly spent time!

City tour in Hurghada – this is a separate story! Returned from there with understanding that all this idea puts his main task to dilute tourists for money. The so-called sights of Hurghada we drove quickly, and the stories about them were unusable, and the accents were defended to the acquisition of real estate, prices for it and T.D. And then we began to carry our shopping in the fast pace, trying to directly and indirectly explain that "This is the last opportunity to purchase" anything.

At first we were brought to the papyrius gallery, and, in the way of the Egyptian gods, tried to sell papyrus.

Then, our path was lying in a perfume shop, where not only dubious perfume poured out of incomprehensible bottles, but also some "Palenny" oils that can be used, allegedly, to treat all sorts of diseases, taking them inward or making applications. With all this was called incomprehensible word "Essence". But, justice for the sake of, I must say that a large number of tourists, getting under massive processing of personnel, make purchases! And already in the bus and they themselves do not understand how they fell into these cheap tricks. Yes, in prices are three times more expensive "Perfumes" In the shops on the streets of Hurghada!

Shopping in Egypt Personal Experience

The next in our program was a gallery "Ehnaton", that "Kosit" Under the public store with low prices, actually being the same bazazer, only large, with higher prices and dubious service. And if we consider that there are practically no state stores in Egypt, then all these "State" Stores on city tours – no more than fooling tourists under the cover of a tour of the city, the main goal of which are visits with tourists to the printed shops and the further receipt of a sufficiently high commission from them!

SUMMARY: Do not waste your precious time vacation on doubtful shops with races in all hotels in order to deliver-dilute the same poorness as we.

Paradise walking place is Hurghada Marina Boulevard! Thank God that tourists from our hotel told us about this new place for the pleasant pastime tourists. This place is in the city center, in Sakkale, where you can easily reach. Hurghada Marina is a wide embankment along the sea, where all the berths are busy beautiful yachts and excursion boats. Amazing place for leisurely walks with stunning restaurants, cafes and all sorts of shops. Bars, which are especially worth a visit – this is Nice Bar, Papas Bar and a supermodic disco on the seashore Hed Kandi. For children on the embankment there are fun rides.

In general, Hurghada Marina very much screamed our leisure, and every evening was there, while walking, then sitting at the bar and listening to live music, then looked at the bellydance dancers. After that, especially, ask yourself a question, well, why did the organizers of the city tours do not show on the city’s tours of this "Pearl" Hurghada? And, in general, they do not even mention?

The answers to this question we did not find. And it’s a sorry, because a huge number of our tourists do not even suspect the presence of a European charming and romantic place for walking, nightlife and worthy shopping?

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