Shopping in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is considered one of the most comfortable cities in Germany to make purchases. Old Town (Altstadt) is not found for his bars and beer and called "the longest bar counter in the world" (Längste Theke Der Welt), so it would be awesome if numerous peteed places were not adjacent to the outlets.

In the historic center, you can find a huge variety of shops, from small private benches to super-modern shopping centers, fashion boutiques (Jades, Diesel, Zara, H&M, Mango, Kult, Eickhoff Konigsallee and others) and avant-garde galleries, and the prices here in German standards are very democratic. The most famous trading area of ​​this part of the city is Konigsallee ("Ko") on which the overwhelming majority of boutiques of the most famous brands are concentrated, as well as high-quality porcelain and clothing stores – all about 130 plus famous trading gallery Ko gallerie.

It makes up a competing from Schadowplatz (this is the northeastern tip of Konigsallee) Schadowstrasse Street with a lot of large shopping centers, passages and supermarkets like an ultramodern Kö-bogen or built in the form of a star Schadow Arkaden; Going to the east in the southern part of Grünstrasse; Almost all southern part of the historic kernel – Carlstadt (CarLstadt), where many art stores, galleries and antique shops are concentrated along Hohestrasse, as well as the best city market on Karlplatz Square (open from 8:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Saturday).

On the streets of Bergerstrasse, Rheinstrasse and Flingerstrasse (also Altstadt), you can find a variety of first-class restaurants and ethnic cafes, famous for their inexpensive rates and good cuisine. And antique shops are mostly focused around Anchener Platz (this is the best place to purchase souvenirs with the city symbol – "inverted man" Radschlager). At the corner of Bergerstrasse and Rheinstrasse, for example, you can visit the best pub of the city – Uerige with its own brewery (famous for its dark varieties), a hiking in which is considered an integral part of dating Dusseldorf, Bar et kabuffke (open in 1858.) And the oldest alcohol store busch – it is here that it is recommended to acquire the famous Killepitch liquor. And only two quarters are northeast, you can go to the famous BolkerStrasse.

By the way, Düsseldorf Isxtari is known as a recognized brewing center, and his Altbier ("Old beer", implies an ancient recipe, and not an exposure time) is famous far beyond the country. Currently, there are five first-class breweries – Fuchschen, Schumacher (leads its pedigree from 1838.), Schlussel, uerige and recently open Brauerei Kurzer, four of which are located in the historic center (only Schumacher is located between Altstadt and the main train station Hauptbahnhof). Each of them is famous for its special assortment and nomenclature, while everything except Brauerei Kurzer is boiled special "Seasonal varieties" (Sticke, Stike, or Latzenbier), as well as all sorts of exclusive options like weihnachtsbier ("Christmas beer"), extremely popular throughout the country.

And lovers of fashionable new products at modest prices should be visited by the Northern suburb of Ratingen (Ratingen), which is famous for its outlet at the Tom Tailor factories, Esprit and S’Oliver (you can visit Düsseldorf Central Station here on buses 754 and 752 literally in 40 minutes), or Korsharbroach (approximately 15 km west of the city) with its outlet fry (you can drive on the S-Bahn train to the S8 station to Korschenbroich).

Shopping in Dusseldorf

Most of the city stores work from 9: 00-9: 30 to 20:00 (on Fridays – to 21: 00-22: 00), on weekends – according to individual schedule.

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Weekend with shopping in Dusseldorf

. What is the German city without a castle? He is also in Düsseldorf. Benrath Castle (Benrath) in the southern part of the city, was built for the governor of Carl Theodor (Kurfuerst Karl Theodor), more than 200 years ago, as a castle for recreation and hunting. Around Park. Read more →

Shopping in Dusseldorf

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