Shopping in Denmark

Shopping in Denmark can allow themselves wealthy people or true connoisseurs of Danish design, which are not sorry to pay for unique things any money. All the rest usually have to be content with souvenirs, because prices in this country are much higher than on average in Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising that lovers shopping infrequently include Denmark in their routes.

Shopping Features in Denmark

Network supermarkets giants have not yet managed to destroy the love of Danes to small chamber stores filled with designer things produced by small batches, and sometimes existing in the only instance. It is such subjects worth buying in Denmark – expensive and unique. Of course, Malls like large Gallerierne or SlotSarkaderne in Hillereed are filled with banal H&M, Vero Moda, Only, New Yorker, but buying such goods in Denmark is extremely unprofitable, compared, for example, with neighboring Germany.

Quite interesting things can be found in the stores common in Copenhagen, Second-hand and flea markets. For antiques It is worth riding in the summer, because most of such bazaars work only in the warm season, but there are several year-round.

For products, you can go to the oldest IRMA supermarkets, in stores for healthy lifestyle Superburgsen or more budget NETTO and REMA 1000.

Going to Denmark for purchases, do not forget that there is own national currency in this country – Danish crowns. You can pay only by them, cash euro or dollars will have to change on crowns in banks. It should be noted that banks usually work with 10.00 to 16.00, and on Saturday and Sunday they have a day off. Therefore, it is worth or take care of cash in advance, or you will have to remove them through an ATM.

Many large stores usually take bank cards of the main payment systems. However, small outlets sometimes refuse to work with international "Plastic", Or they can set restrictions on the minimum transaction – take cards only if you want to buy something more expensive than a certain amount (usually more than 100 kroons). So with you always need to have some cash.

If you have purchased goods in the same store more than 300 Danish kroons (about 40 euros), you can ask to write down the check of Taks-Free to, putting the stamp at the border guards, return about 12-15% of the purchase cost.

Bargain in Danish stores is not accepted. But if you are looking for antiques to wandered on some of the flea markets, you can try to carefully discuss the price with the seller. Unless you can understand each other: not all residents of Denmark speak English well.

Shopping time in Denmark

Small stores usually work from 09.00-10.00 to 17.00-18.00 from Monday to Thursday, on Friday they have "long" day" – Until 19.00-20.00, but on Saturday their doors are closed to 13.00-14.00 o’clock. On Sunday – day off.

Large supermarkets and shops in the capital and other big cities are usually open longer: they can take buyers full day on Saturday, work in the first and last Sunday of the month.

Shopping in Denmark

In tourist destinations there are shops in which we are glad to visitors all days of the week.

Discounts and sales in Denmark

As with all of Europe, the largest sales in Denmark is carried out twice a year. Summer discount season begins at the end of June and lasts about the end of August. In winter, stores change price tags immediately after Christmas and do not raise prices until the end of January. At this time, discounts usually reach up to 70 percent.

Many shops spend small partial sales all year round, every week reducing prices for certain goods. On such suggestions, you can learn from advertising avenues or on the sites of these outlets.

There is in Denmark and the main reflection of Shopaholikov – Outlets. If you want to buy clothes simpler, first of all it is worth going to the network democratic DANSK Factory Outlet – they are in different cities. Stamps are more interesting in Copenhagen Langelinie Outlet and in Ringsted Outlet in the city of Ringsted, where you will see Hugo Boss, Olsen, Desigual, Superdry, Wolford and the like. However, great hopes even on outlets should not be imposed: prices there are lower than in ordinary Danish stores, however they are still higher than in many other European countries.

The shops

Work with 9.00 to 18.00 on weekdays and 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturday. In Copenhagen on Saturdays, many shops are open to 17.00. Specialized tourist shops Copenhagen, as well as shops located in resort areas are usually open and Sunday.

Shopping in Denmark

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