Shopping in Cyprus

Go to Cyprus Only for the sake of shopping is not worth it: at least the choice of goods in this country at first glance and seems great, prices are not pleased. However, if you rest on the island, still decided to spend time on purchases, we will give you some tips.

Schedule features in Cyprus

Promenade of the resorts filled with shops with various goods. Assortment – the most common, all that may need resting wishing to spend money: souvenirs, gold, clothes and shoes. Prices in the season are usually significantly higher than the Middle Eastern.

For more serious shopping will have to travel around the country. Most often throughout the Cyprus you will meet the brasswork shops of the British Network NEXT and Cyprus Zako, they are in all major cities.

The main major shopping centers are located far away from the coast – in the center and on the outskirts of Nicosia, that is, wishing to meet their assortment will have to leave the resort and dedicate to shopping quite a long time. You are waiting for the usual not the largest European malls with brand clothing for the mass market, with shops, such as MARKS & SPENCER, ZARA, MANGO, MAX MARA and similar. The numbers on the price tags are not very different from the our: most likely, at the super-low prices, nothing will be able to buy anything.

Quite often with Cyprus coats and leather products bring. They are recommended to buy in specialized salons, and it is worth deciding in advance what exactly you want to buy, and still out of home to outline the place where it is worth going. In such stores, it is usually possible and need to be bargained, it will help to save significantly, while on other retail points prices fixed.

Nothing serious in Cyprus should not buy. Is it possible to buy a couple of bottles of wine (it is better to go to the winery and try drinks before buying) and belligence-souvenirs (shopkeepers, packed with magnets, plates and lace is fully at any resort).

Acquiring in one store of goods worth more than 50 euros, be sure to request a check-free check: if you don’t forget to put a stamp on it on the border, you can return about 15% of the purchase price.

In large shopping centers, bank cards usually take, but completely denying cash is not worth it, because in small stores, sellers can only work with them. Sometimes also the owners of outlets set the minimum limit (at 15-20 euros) and take "plastic", Only if you need to pay for the greatest amount.

Shopping time

The time of operation of stores in Cyprus depends on the month. From May to September, sellers work, as a rule, from 08:00 am to 19:00, arranging himself a big break from 13:00 to 16:00, but in the most beloved vacation places, trading points work continuously. When the holiday season hurts, from October to April, the merchants allow themselves to finish working for about an hour earlier, leaving for a short rest from 13:00 to 14:00. On Wednesdays and Saturdays in stores a shortened day – they are open only until 15:00. On Sunday, most shops are closed.

Discounts and sales in Cyprus

As all of Europe, the summer in Cyprus comes the sales period. It usually begins with July and lasts about the end of August. In winter, discounts begin to delight buyers from February and do not stop until March. And in recent years, merchants reduce prices, although they must only do this in August and February. Also prices "taut" Before the holidays: Before the New Year in December and before Easter in April. Prices in these dates are reduced by about 50-70 percent.

It is believed that year-round goods at discounted prices can be bought in outlet. However, the Cypriot representatives of this type of stores do not affect the imagination: reading the assortment buyers often go disappointed, rightly believing that the sign "discount" or "Outlet" – This is only an advertising trick.

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