Shopping in Cuba

Cuba is an unsuitable country for shopping: lovers of this pastime will not find on the island of freedom of brand boutiques and sales villages, because in this country, many years in the economic blockade, the locals are difficult to buy even essential goods.

Schedule features in Cuba

In recent years, the situation is gradually improving: the number of stores increases. But it’s not worth counting on super shopping.

There are two currencies in Cuba: Pesos – for local residents and convertible pesos – for tourists, and these financial flows almost do not intersect, considering that the Cubans are not allowed to communicate with foreigners. In ordinary stores for "Just peso" You can only buy a meager minimum of goods and products, with a convertible peso, an entrance to other stores is open, where the range is much richer, but it is unlikely to hit the imagination of the European-happiness.

Therefore, in Cuba, it will not be possible to find large shopping centers and get fashionable clothes from famous couturiers, and local textiles disappoints the wretchedness of the Stamps and Low Quality. But you can go to the market and buy straws: unusual decorations from seashells, corals and unknown seeds, wooden figures, paintings of local artists. If you bargain, you can slide a bit.

Nothing serious and expensive in the market is not worth buying – there is a probability of deception. Therefore, such "Solid" Products like cigars or Cuban rum is best to choose in stores in factory stores.

Purchasing things from crocodile leather, jewelry, artwork, be sure to demand a license for export, otherwise all such souvenirs will remain from customs officers.

Language barrier communication with sellers does not interfere: some are able to say a few words in English, others understand our a little – the long-term friendship with the USSR affects.

Shopping in Cuba

Shopping time in Cuba

Usually shops work from 09:00 to 18:00 and the day closes on "Siesta" – approximately from 12: 00-14: 00 to 15: 00-17: 00, however, in resort places, the outlets often serve buyers of hours until 20:00, and they may not be a day break. On Saturday, most shops are open from 09:00 to 15:00. Sunday is a day off.

Souvenirs from Cuba

As souvenirs and gifts, undoubtedly, it is better to purchase products and decorations from coral in combination with silver. Also good "Guayaber" (tropical shirt), folk shock musical instruments, artistic fabrics, embroidery and lace, as well as products from turtle shell, especially bracelets and hairpins (Beware of fakes!). Be sure to purchase Cuban rum and real Cuban cigars, among which brands are most highly appreciated "Bolivar", "Koiba", "MONTERISTO", "Partgas", "Punch", "Ramon Alonles", "Sancho Pansa", "NS. Upman", "Romeo and Juliet" and "Trinidad".

Shopping in Cuba

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