Shopping in China

In large state stores and food shops Prices Fixed. You can bargain and need to be traded in the markets, in most private stores, on street trays and even in some hotels, and the art of the bargain is often more important for the seller than its result, so the buyer is better traded, the more chances of good discounts. Even if there is a price tag on the product – this is nothing more than "reference point", pointing. Sellers often offer the goods interested in cheaper and there are very annoying. If "the language barrier" does not allow bargaining, then you can use the calculator on which the numbers are alternately, or the paper sheet and handle.

In large department stores, the purchase is often accompanied by the registration of a large number of papers and checks, therefore it is worthwhile to ask the rules in advance.

Shopping in China


The choice of souvenirs is huge, but many of them are low quality. Chopsticks, beautiful porcelain, cups, lacquer boxes, prints and cases for scrolls can be bought at every step. Hangzhou and Suzhou are famous for excellent tea and silk. This antiques are sold, as a rule, only in state stores and is expensive. When purchasing it, it is necessary to get a permit for the removal from the seller.

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