Shopping in China: personal experience

Special subspecies of tourist – "Tourist Helocha". It is dulling exclusively in the Far East type. It has a lot of individuals and constantly multiplies and evolves depending on improving "Customs rules of the our Federation".

At the time of my travel, the rules read: "Go away at least every day, but 35 kg of cargo for personal use, you can only drive once a month". It would seem that here is this? But this is the most important detail on trips "Tourists-helmets". So detail about the organization of this kind of tourism. Tourist firm, no matter what, is gaining a group of those who want (at least 5 people) to visit the CNR border region for a period of 3 days in order to relax from the fatherland, have fun in local clubs, to eat an exotic product and even under certain conditions a little earn one. Hehe. It sounds interesting?! At least unusual for us, Siberians.

The whole secret is that. All your tour will pay Chinese businessman. And voluntarily, without coercion to this. Why do you ask? And because. On the way back, this very businessman will ask you to capture in Russia a small portion of the Chinese hoist, just in 35 kg. But asks not personally, but through that a travel agency. As a sign of gratitude for the vacation. These same conditions on paper are not reflected, but are carried out strictly by both parties.

And so it looks like an ordinary tour with the conclusion of the Treaty on the provision of goodslug and T.NS. You need to mention the next part. If you need to buy and deliver your goods to your homeland, you can buy this voyage and at the cost. In my case, the rates were such: "Help" – 300 rubles, "Tourist ordinary" – 3200 rubles. Personally, I went to the tourist. In his first time abroad, I wanted to buy something real – Chinese. The rest expects a couple of these wonderful pieces of 17.5 kilogram EVERY.

Features of the Chinese shopping

Trade will be traded everywhere and always starting from the hotel.

You can easily ask for something to pay extra, impose something, etc. Will pour that your number is busy and no other numbers, you need to pay grandmothers for anything, just to try to deceive a white man. As a result, we traded the room rate of 30 minutes, tagging on booking prices.COM and finding out the availability of numbers.

Here are the advice of the girl who lived in China for a while:

"In Beijing, at the Yonganli station is located "Silk market". From the market one name, and this is a huge shopping center.what is happening there. They sell silk, leather, toys and other nonsense. There (as and almost everywhere in China) you can bargain. they see that you are european and climb the price. For example, wallet costs 30 yuan. She tells you 350. you mow on her type "yeah, but of course you heard yourself?", laugh and show your hand "Well, no thank you". she squints you a calculator and says "how much you suggest?". And let’s go go. You will immediately say to her 25. She begins to carry out what a wonderful wallet and real leather. Writes to you "300". You stand on your son. she throws you and throw off and you write anyway "25" either you speak "thirty" or "35" and "all this is my last price". The main thing to stand on your poker face to the letter. It may take five minutes and ten if it really cheaper.approximate reasonable prices for goods: wallet 30, leather bag no more than 100, silk roller 80-100, key chain \ magnet every 15 no more. these are prices for which you don’t have to trigger. I write because they themselves will offer several hundred for all this.Another advice on the market. They all speak English, Rus, Kit. But you do not speak English. better in English.and among themselves too. With the ours, they pour prices very hard and more difficult to throw. come up with what are you from some kind of Denmark, they sometimes ask where you come from, and chatting into English"

Shopping in Beijing: Where to buy

Myths and ideas about unreal favorable shopping in China are crumbling after visiting the our market to Yabaolu. However, combining a pleasant stay with pre-planned shopping places still benefits! So, we combined holidays on. Hainan with three days of shopping in Beijing. About Hainan already enough feedback, beach holidays have a beach holiday, but shopping tips in the subway, I think, will be useful.

Fur coats: Two main shopping malls, where you can choose a beautiful coat, it is Wan Ban and Yabao Center. In the last I did not like the quality and fur basically only Chinese, although the price is an order of magnitude below – for 1300-1500 $ it is quite possible to buy a Chinese fur coat. By the way, after a visit to two or three departments, even the most inexperienced fur seeker will begin to distinguish Chinese fur from imported (American, Canadian). Imported fur tightly, with easily tangible undercoat and pile significantly shorter than Chinese.Runing more than a dozen fur products, I realized that all of them were made by the same crossing and, apparently, in local basements.

Really factory things of good quality and non-standard design We found in Wan Ban in three departments: 911, 1012 and on the eighth floor (immediately how to leave the elevator). Of course, it is necessary to visit other floors, but these places can become a guarantee for good quality. We eventually returned to the ninth floor, where and bought a 40 cm hooded mink. black American fur for $ 2700. And I am very pleased!! Specially came after arrival to know how much such it is in Russia, about 7000 $$!! So at least we justified the road 🙂

Bags, wallets: This is definitely in the shopping center Zhitan, on the second floor. Fake one in one, but also prices are only half below the originals 150-200 $$. But you can find everything that your soul with the latest covers of new magazines. They even have catalogs!

Clothing: Having been in the winding sections of Yabao Dasha, Tanya and DR. I wanted beautiful, quality things (not fake!) In the choice of clothes, I adhere to the English saying: I’m not so rich to buy cheap things. And we went to the TC Xidan. It is located on the first line of the subway, the name of the Xidan station, the output B. After leaving the subway to the right to the first T-shaped crossroad, then turn on 45 degrees and move right along Starbax, towards large high-altitude buildings and bridges. There is a shopping street for local Beijing residents. There are there and our favorite Zara, H&M, and shops with company Chinese clothes really for every taste and wallet! Only take as payment yuan unlike the yabalu, where rubles and dollars – everything goes into the move)) without reaching Xidana I really liked the discount of Vera Moda, it is near Uniqlo. Bought blouses for just 1000 r each))

Especially beautiful in this place at night, when the backlighting of shopping centers and bridges work, it all reminded me of a little manhattan in New York 🙂 And in general, Beijing is more like Moscow with its development 70-80x more floors))

And the Beijing does not know English, so going on your own in the city better take the picture and the name of the hieroglyphs with the place where you are heading. In this regard, I really helped me a photo of a shopping center, which was randomly left in bookmarks on iPhone)) In general, shopping in China is a fascinating, time and labor, but quite profitable! Good luck to you shopping!!

Beijing and Shanghai – Shopping

Oh, girls.. Gathered in China Partly because the Dove teaches Chinese, I think I will show even more interested, well, my painful shopogogolism played not the last role in this trip)) I collected all the money (putting on a new cabinet, unfinished repair and t.e) bought the tickets (11000 Greed) for two, ordered the hotels (not expensive) read that the food there is almost for nothing (yeah how) read the entire Internet where what time and rushed from the past 12 years first in Beijing. Flight tolerant plane with monitors. Flew.. Immediately it turned out that the DCA Chinese is not a horseman does not know (We learn 2 years old, the teacher is delighted by what a capable girl ‘) is good that she knows English and then everything would not even find the hotel. English understand only in banks, airport, hotel (not in all).all! Further on the fingers.. Two days wanted on Yabalu did not help not Internet (3 months studied wherever) is not a natural flair. On the third day began to be signed. On Khrena, I came here. All terrible quality, we have in the bazaar and then better.. Fell into dipresses.. During these days, money goes (in nowhere!) You take all the trash (you came to shopping) then I came down at the very beginning of Yabaola (in my yabaodas) good things (but so that for free there is no) Sports costume Barberry $ 50 Moccasins Ala Louis Viton $ 30 is good quality all that cheaper slag. T-shirts 100-150 yuan cheaper only wholesale. Traded as it could. Girls When you buy in Yabodas, ask a coupon for a free lunch to a restaurant (on the top floor). I decided to buy a fur coat for two days to search for two days, the main mass of horror in 1000 (Auto Lady) -1500 $, what was 4000 $. Found the split color of a sable slightly covers the ass with a black curb in the same color (looks expensive) $ 1950 barely 50 $. I wanted to buy bags and glasses decided to leave on Shanghai and take everything in Beijing. In Shanghai, everything is very expensive and really good copies. In Shanghai bought Selin’s bag $ 150 but a good copy. Food is not endured in two weeks spoiled the stomach I do not squeeze but it’s horror. I had to walk at least once a day in restaurants with a less European meal, but here they are seasoning. Food for two 40 $ shorter Girls rolled $ 7000 in the span of a fur coat, bag, a pair of t-shirts, sports.Coast, Bed linen, Baby All crap (Covers on ipad, iPod, headphones and t. D) and gifts to relatives .. Fucking.. Could update the car. But still the impressions of the sea.. Would money go again. There is no such exhausting soul and the body of the shopping. Good luck everyone!

Shopping in Shanghai did not set

Shopping in China Personal Experience

On shopping in China, we pinned certain hopes – unfounded, you must admit. It seemed that there could buy something good cheap. But nothing like.

Branded technology is comparable to Moscow. Nefirmena was not aspaluated, because it is not clear how to check it whether it works. And will it work at least any as soon as you leave the store.

Things – either slag for "Cherkizona", either European things at quite European prices.

In general, girlfriends scored some kind of cosmetics – someone said them that she was good. And I bought a bag for 100 euros – just because the bag really liked. And all. And this is 10 days. One of us left one for the whole day for shopping in Shanghai and did not buy anything except Korean rice tea.

What to buy in Shanghai: silk and collectible products

In Shanghai, two free days will deliver a lot of pleasure. Make interesting purchases in the form of collectible products from stone at a reasonable price, by visiting the quarter old China. Feel free to consider slowly, bargain also slowly. Agree on lower prices for the most expensive things 3 times quite possibly. Their market price in China is incomparable with their artistic value, which reaches sometimes the height of the masterpiece.

Prices for silk blankets at all factories are the same. In Shanghai, in the silk factory, I saw the size that I had no more than anywhere called California – 240×260 cm. The price of a blanket at 2500 gr – 780 yuan, for 2000 gr – 690 and so farther down. Yuan to the ruble by March 2012 – 1: 5.

Shopping in Beijing

I finally went to China, Beijing. The trip was a business – participation in Congress, but I came earlier for 2 days and immediately ran for purchases. With all thanks to everyone who left notes and reviews about shopping in Beijing! The first is fur coats, they are different, different quality. But beavers in China do not, they all say that this is a cut-off beaver, and in fact it is a rabbit. Although in our homeland, this is generally sold as a cut-off mink. I bought a furious rabbit, 120 cm. Socar length – for $ 790. With a collar of Chernoburki. Look great! Nork "Auto Lady" For $ 820. I’ll say right away – you need to bargain. I bought B "Van Ban Dan" Near Yabulou. Mink cut the difference in lightness and softness. If you look at the fur, the mink can be visible at the bottom, and you will not see anything at the rabbit. One fur. Here is such a cunning. And then the Chinese about the fur lie as they can.

Liked "Silk Market". There to bargain and bargain. At the bottom "-1" Floor – Shoes, Bags. Boots for 20-25 dollars. First spoke about 200-300 bucks. Say the price, go – they themselves resort. Bought a brother’s jacket and her husband for $ 70 for two, to work for every day just right. Two leather belts for 9 bucks. Pearls super, but you need to look at once – the fake is visible, mostly naturally natural, but you need to look at the pearls themselves, so that there are the same, round, smooth.

"Sidida" didn’t really like it, but there also scored shopping. Prices are not very low, but the quality is very like and clothes for Europeans – glamorous. Boots bought cool for $ 50. We would have cost all $ 200, if not more. There is a shop with a big TV, there are 2 floors of Zara – it’s not worth it, in the Emirates is cheaper.

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