Shopping in Cambodia

The greatest interest for shopping is products from Cambodian "wild" Silk – Pashmines and Clothes. A lot of beautiful things can be found among silver jewelry.

And in the markets and in stores it is possible and you need to bargain. Prices may differ when paying by dollars or reel – it is always worth asking.

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Immersion in Phnom Pen. The history of the emergence of this capital of Khmer and street life

Waking up in the morning in Phnom Penh, we decided not to start the morning with dating with the kitchen, and go to wander around the city, passing by visiting the main tourist dominants. Read more →

Markets Cambodia and Vietnam

The cities have specialized market squares, often indoor. Often, trading splash on the streets. I can not say that you feel especially cozy in the market. Read more →

Shopping in Cambodia

Arnau | January 2012

Pattaya and Angkor Wat

In Pattaya, visited crocodile and snake farms, a garden of stones, an observation platform, a buddha temple and aquarium. Sleeping crocodiles allowed to kill the trainers. Read more →

Boris | November 2010

Thailand and Cambodia

. I write about my first and while the only trip to Thailand, where I wanted to cover all interesting excursions in Pattaya and Bangkok, as well as to visit Ankor (Cambodia). But it turned out a little differently (unwittingly turned out to travel around Cambodia almost from the north to the south), what is probably interesting to know other independent travelers. Read more →

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