Shopping in Bulgaria

From Bulgaria, you can bring clothes with embroidery, linen fabrics, rugs, perfumes from roses valley, leather, copper, handmade silver products, copper and iron products. But the chief Bulgarian souvenir, of course, Rakia (Bulgarian vodka). Costs from 2 to 7 bgl, the choice of the widest. Another alcoholic beverage – mastic (with antiney grass taste). One of the best varieties – mastic "Peristera" Fortress 42 °. Bulgarians call her luxury. If we splash into it some water, the fluid instantly becomes milky white.

In Sofia, the best shops are located along the Vitosha Boulevard and in the gallery in front of the Palace of Culture NDK

Reviews and studies of trips

New Year in Bansko. Snow, ice, cats, cops and cakes

Here he is a real owner of Bansko. Hinders looks at a multilingual crowd of loves, dancing there and here on Pirin Street. He knows exactly: Spring will come, snow melts, skiers will leave. Read more →

Major p | Winter 2014


Street George Rakovsky – the focus of souvenir shops and workshops, in which trees on wood, gunsmiths, icon painters work in sight of tourists and immediately sell their products read more →

Major p | Summer 2016

Bulgarian souvenirs. For us girls. For you, boys

For girls, in the first place is, of course, pink cosmetics! Trojan ceramics. Bulgarian spices. Boys, your most valuable souvenirs are in supermarkets! Read more →

Shopping in Bulgaria

Pamsik | Summer 2015

Samovodsk Charsia. Veliko-Tyrnovo

The name went from the name of the square "Samovodsk Charsia", And the complex itself has grown and captured the neighboring stall of the street Rakovsky and ul. Marcheva. The area appeared in the 60s of the 19th century. Read more →

DLKHG | Summer 2014

In the arms of Bulgaria. Mosaic of impressions, h.4

First, always clarify from representatives of travel agencies when your excursion starts and when it is over – it is very important because you can leave at 6 am, and come at 2 o’clock in the morning. Secondly, specify the relief of the terrain – for example, the Shipka is a rise in a mountain of a staircase with three sixteen-storey houses, and the perperovicon is jumping around the boulders with the same lift. Therefore, weigh your age capabilities, remember about the disease and do not take with you children in no case. Read more →

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