Shopping in Belarus

Belarus – not the most popular country for shopping. Nevertheless, some travel agencies are organized in Minsk and other cities of journey shopping: people acquire inexpensive good-quality shoes, clothes and tablecloths from flax, tights and socks, cosmetics, very tasty cheeses and sausages – all this from local producers and prices are much lower than our.

Stores Belarus

Basically for the sake of shopping, tourists come to Minsk, where there are such major shopping centers as underground in Independence Square "Capital", "Crown" On Calvarian Street, Gum and Central Committee on Independence Avenue, "Belarus" On Zhilunovich Street and "On Nemigi", Located on the street of the same name and the metro station – in these department stores there are almost everything. For cheeses and other Belarusian delicacies, it is worth going to one of the bazaars – to the largest metropolitan Komarovsky market, very comfortable completely reconstructed and upgraded.

If you have a very little time, you can simply stroll along the independence prospectus: In addition to several department stores, Cosmetics brand store will meet there "Belita", Boutique linen "Milavitsa", Beloenglish Leatherland "Mallioli", brand store "Lenok" and much more.

Plastic cards are not taken everywhere, but in large stores there will be no problems with them. Payment of cash is possible only in local currency – Belarusian rubles, trying to pay our money is not worth it, because for such illegal operations in Belarus is stronger.

Prices in fixed stores, more wow, they do not particularly differ in different vending points. It is possible to try a bit only in the market, and then the discount is likely to be insignificant.

Shopping time

The time of the stores in Belarus is not very different from the our: large supermarkets begin work at 8-9 in the morning and open up to about 22-23 pm, the weekend is not provided, but on Sundays they can close a couple of hours earlier. Small outlets begin to serve buyers from 10-11 in the morning and often complete the day by 18-19, in addition, there is an hourly lunch break from 13-14 to 14-15, and on weekends such shops have or short-range working day, or Sunday generally buried. Markets work from 8-9 in the morning and up to 17-19, they usually have a day off – Monday.

General restrictions on the time of selling alcohol in the republic, but local authorities have the right to establish their laws on this. More recently, the government recommended them to get acquainted with this issue, so in the near future alcohol, apparently, it will not be possible to buy late in the evening.

Prices in stores

Shopping in Belarus

No special sense products buy products in local stores: prices for such products are not very different from Moscow, and even exceed them, and the Belarusians themselves for European clothing and shoes go to the neighboring Poland or Lithuania.

But various things, cosmetics and products made in the republic are often sold at very reasonable prices. So, much (sometimes even several times) cheaper you can buy hosiery products, things from flax, body care products and faces, products.

At the same time, the famous knitwear, fashionable clothing from modern Belarusian fashion designers is not able to buy female clothes from modern Belarusian fashion designers – the prices of such goods are not lower than in Russia and it makes sense solely for the sake of design. Unfortunately, it should be admitted that a gradual situation with prices in Belarus is changing – they are constantly growing and, perhaps, in the near future will stop attracting ours.

Sales and discounts in Belarus

In Belarus, there are no official sales seasons (just as it happens in Europe or America), but before the New Year’s goods in stores are usually decorated with a discount price tags that give up to 60 percent, which, however, according to experts, is a scaling: trade The surcharge in the republic is strictly regulated, and such a decrease in price is impossible.

At the same time, exhibitions, sales fairs are constantly held "Quality Days". Many shops regularly arrange shares spontaneously without tosing to some particular date. Pricing usually reaches 10-20 percent. For such sales, you need to follow the sites of large shopping centers. It is worth looking at them before traveling: In addition to useful information, discount coupons are published there.

Shopping in Belarus

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