Shopping in Austria: Personal Experience

I will not call myself a shoppogolik, for scope, probably not the one, I am more a drop on the details and accessories. But shopping – women’s weakness, the exception of which I did not become. The first time Vienna conquered us a shopping street, next to which we lived – Mariahilferstrasse. If you walk through the street, 15-20 minutes, then you can go to the city center, but we did not succeed in the first trip or in the second. So briefly – in Vienna, several main shopping streets:

Mariahilfer Strasse – Ends on Art.M. Westbahnhof (U3, U6), but we usually started our procession from there, just right on it. Zieblergasse (u3) and st. Neubaugasse (U3). Street is divided by the roadway into two parts – the left and right. In my opinion, this shopping street is most democratic in terms of the proposed brands and prices. Street is divided by the roadway into two parts – the left and right. By the way, one friend, often extinguished in Vienna opened a little secret to us: what stores on the left side (how to go from Westbahnhof) cheaper shops on the right side. Maybe nonsense, but for some reason we always basically walked on the left side. Maybe there were more shopping for us. By the way, it’s quite a bit on this street, I would even say, there are no souvenir shops with all sorts of plates, magnets and t.NS.

Graben (Graben) – is considered a promenade street for expensive purchases, the boutiques of world brands are mostly located.

Separately, I would like to stay at some stores and shopping centers:

Humanic – shoe store, or rather, shoe empire. My love. Throughout Vienna there are a lot of them, big and not very, but always recognizable. By the way, we noticed the feature – that the range of different stores is different, so go to everything, I am sure that you like something like. There are also exquisite models, and everyday budget options, as well as bags, tights.

Sermoneta – a luxury store in the quality of gloves, and what is the breathtaking color. I saw only one, on Kartner Strasse, I could not have kept. The shop is very small, there are only gloves of all sorts of coloring, from automotive to luxurious high. So do not understand by chance.

Steffl is a multi-brand shopping center on Kartner Strasse, separation of the range on floors:

-1 – Gil-Trend Area

0 – Bags&Accessories, Designer Sunglasses, Jewelry, Cosmetics

Shopping in Austria personal experience

1 – Women’s Lingerie & Legwear

2 – Women’s Desigher Fashion

3 – Men’s Designer Fashion, Men’s Socks & Underwear

4 – Kid’s & Baby Fashion, Kid’s & Baby Shoes

Palmers – underwear stores, but me, honestly, not impressed. There is also a Humanic everywhere. Naturally, the monobrand huge shopping centers H&M, Peek&CLOPPENBURG, C&A. Good shopping in the Divine Austrian capital!

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