Shopping in Argentina

Europeans Argentina is associated primarily with piercing music, colonial architecture and amazing nature, but not with active shopping. Meanwhile, residents of Latin America are specially coming home to the Motherland Tango to buy clothes, shoes, appliances, household goods and even products. The thing is that Argentine Peso is a very weak currency that makes shopping extremely profitable.

Shops Argentina

Going shopping in Buenos Aires, you must certainly pay attention to local goods. UNESCO did not accidentally assign the status of the Argentine capital "Cities fashion": Creation of her designers is often not inferior to Parisian clothes from Couture. In addition, Argentina, "Country Bulls", famous for leather products – shoes, bags, outerwear.

Fans of world famous brands worth walking around the area Palermo in Buenos Aires: the boutiques of world brands are concentrated there. Most tank stores are located on the plot between the San Martin Square and Corrientes Avenue, and on Alvaar Square you can buy furniture, decor items and all souvenirs. Of course, it is convenient to go to a large shopping center, which in Buenos Aires a lot. The largest of them – Alto Palermo in the north of the city, Paseo Alcorta in the area of ​​Palermo Chico and Abasto Shopping in ABASTO quarter

You can make purchases not only in the capital: almost every Argentine city has at least one decent shopping center. In Cordoba, this is Dinosaurio Mall and Patio Olmos – a real work of architectural art with elegant balconies, stairs and promenade. There are more than 150 stores there. In Mendoza, it is worth looking at the Palamares Open Mall, and in Tukuman to visit the center of Yerba Buena Shopping.

Markets Argentina

Argentine markets will be pleasantly surprised by travelers: they are in Latin American colorful and European is perfectly organized. Markets are a popular meeting place for local creative elite, and therefore they reigns a special atmosphere. After closing, sellers often arrange improvised open-air parties – with live music, dancing and free drinks.

In only the Buenos Aires there are several dozen wonderful markets. San Telmo district is famous for antiques: every Sunday on his main area Dorrego hosts a large fair, where you can buy rarest books, ancient dishes, vinyl discs. On Alraar Square in the heart of the quarterly Recoleta, the flea market is organized on weekends. There you need to look for all sorts of handicraft products – ceramics, decorations, painted fabrics and handmade clothes. And second-hand lovers should go to Santa Fe Avenue, where vintage clothing and shoes are sold on a huge collapse.

Shopping time in Argentina

Large shopping centers in Argentina are open from 9:00 to 22:00 daily. Stores shops work on schedule 9:00 – 20:00 from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday closed at 14:00 to the morning Monday. Small private shops and shops often open an hour before others, at 8:00, but do not work in hot lunchtime – from 12:00 to 16:00.

In the summer, Argentine stores extend the opening hours to 22-23: 00.

Shopping in Argentina

Sales in Argentina

Winter discounts in Argentina begins after the celebration of the Day of the Father in the third weekend of June. Usually they last until early September and, as all over the world, significantly increase in recent weeks. Summer sales start at the end of December and ends at the beginning of February.

Discounts in Argentina

In Argentina, quite a lot of outlet, selling clothes and shoes with big discounts. They are very popular with the local population: there come in whole families to make purchases and snack in a cafe. Tourists are best sent to shopping on weekdays when people in smaller stores.

In Buenos Aires, there is a whole street of Outlet – Cordoba Avenue, where eternal discounts reign. There are sold clothes of past seasons and discounted things – shoes, bags, hats. On Larrea Street you can find interesting shops, suits, evening and wedding dresses. And on Aguirre Avenue in the Villa Crespo area there are several outlet of sportswear and goods.

As with all over the world, in Argentina, large outlets with many shops are located below the city. From Buenos Aires It is worth going to the Olivos suburb: the local Estacion Central Shopping Center offers more than 150 brands with excellent discounts.

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