Shopping in Abu Dhabi

Shopping is one of the favorite activities of tourists in Abu Dhabi. Shopping here are not taxed, and you can buy anything, moreover, the authorities of the Emirate periodically hold trade festivals, during which significant discounts for goods are offered.

  • Shopping is one of the favorite activities of tourists
  • Galleria Mall
  • Shopping in Abu Dhabi
  • Multi-storey shopping complex Marina Mall

In Abu Dhabi, there are both small authentic shops and huge superior shopping centers. Evoid popular with tourists and oriental bazaars. Almost every tourist takes away from the Emirate for any souvenir, whether it is a small silver box or handmade carpet. Traditional souvenirs from Abu Dhabi are also considered to be products from carved wood, gold jewelry, coffee sets in Arabic style, cold weapons, oriental sweets, spices, incense and much more.

  • Manual Manual Production
  • Handmade patchwork in souvenir shop
  • Coffee and fresh dates on the eastern bazaar

Dozens of shopping centers Abu Dhabi are not just a cluster of shops of different brands, but also places for meetings with friends and for walking with the whole family. Life always boils here, and on holidays Malls turn into sites for all sorts of shows, lotteries and other entertainment events. While parents make purchases, children can entertain attractions or play playgrounds located right in shopping centers.

  • Marina Mall, Bay View
  • Shopping Complex Yas Mall
  • Interior of the shopping and entertainment complex MARINA MALL

Abu Dhabi shops are usually open from 10:00 to 22:00 (on weekends they are closed even later), and some shopping centers work around the clock. Private stores can close on a long lunch break – from 13:00 to 16:00. During Ramadan, most shops open only by 19:00 and work until midnight.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

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