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Yas Mall (Yas Mall) – the largest shopping center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the second in size in the UAE, is inferior only by Dubai Mall in Dubai Emirate. Located on the man-made island of Solder in the East suburb of Abu Dhabi.

Shopping Square Yas Mall – 232,000 m2, it is less than Dubai Mall 2 times (502,000 m2). Here are 400 stores, 90 restaurants, cafes and fast foods, several amusement parks, hypermarket and Vox Cinema Cinema Cinema Cinema.

Telling about all stores and attractions in this article there is no point. For example, the store Nike or Mango in the UAE is not very different from the our. We will concentrate on those stores and entertainment objects that are not in Russia.

As of February 2021 Yas Mall works. Only VOX Cinema is closed. There are strict measures of covid security, which read in the article on the link above.

How to get

If you relax in one of the hotels in Yas, it is convenient to take a free bus Yas Island Shuttle. This bus runs between the hotel area and all the sights of the island. If you do not know where the nearest stop Yas Island Shuttle is located, ask for the hotel’s reception.

If you relax in the central part of Abu Dhabi, then you need to get to Abu-Dhabi Bus Station or Zayed Sport City, then sits on the bus 180. Go around Ferrari World Park, it’s not confused with anything.

You can take a taxi, a trip from the city center to Yas Mall will cost about 70 Dirhams UAE. About travel prices, read in our article "Taxi to Dubai and Abu Dhabi", and see the current currency rate, see the article "Dirham Arab Emirates".

From Dubai you can come by bus E100 or E101, which takes to Abu-Dhabi Bus Station, then sit on the bus 180. You can get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and other ways, read this in the article "How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi".

Of the other Emirates get difficult, expensive and long. You need to use buses to Abu Dhabi. From Sharjah there are direct buses, and from Ajman, Umm-El Kuwaine, Ras Al-Heima and Fujairah will have to go with a change.

Opening hours Yas Mall shopping center

Friday and Saturday: from 10-00 to midnight.

From Sunday to Thursday: from 10-00 to 22-00.

How much time planning

If you looked at just watch or snack, it’s enough 1-1.5 hours.

If you want to go to several storage stalls and in a supermarket, then plan half the day.

If you decide to ride children on attractions, see all interesting shops, the whole day may be little.

History, numbers, facts

Building and opening Yas Mall several times was postponed. In 2014, it turned out that objects around are already working (Ferrari World Park, Yas Waterworld Water Park, Yas Marina Route), and Yas Mall Shopping Center is still built. The interesting nickname of "Lost piece of the Puzzle of the Island of Yas" even rushed to him.

Initially, the discovery was scheduled for February 2014, it was postponed until November 2014. It was impossible to wait, the discovery was timed to the Grand Prix of Formula 1.

November 19, 2014 a solemn opening took place.

– Construction cost 2 billion US dollars;

– Here 108 elevators;

– Underground parking for 10,000 places;

– 10,000 workers participated in construction work. Of course, these were not local arabs, but consecration workers from India, Pakistan and other countries. About them, read our article "Citizens and visiting in the UAE";

– In the grandiose construction site (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to increase) 36 stationary and 50 mobile lifting cranes participated;

– The Yas Mall shopping center is directly reported with Ferrari World Park;

– Building left: 340,000 cubic meters of concrete, 33,000 kilometers of steel beams, 1,2 kilometers of electric cable, 600 tons of air ducts, 100,000 square meters of natural limestone and 45,000 square meters of other stone coating;

– Here the first and the only one in Abu Dhabi Apple Store;

– The first and while the only one in Abu Dhabi shop LEGO. Then he was the first in the UAE, now the biggest store LEGO opened in Legoland Park in Dubai.

What and where to eat

The choice is huge, in Yas Mall about 90 restaurants, eateries, cafes and fast foods. From bottom 25 – these are large full-fledged restaurants. From the usual ours: McDonalds, Pizza Hat, Subway, Kfc, Cinnabon, Burger King, Baskin Robbins.

Part of the institutions are located on Fudcourt at the 1st level, focus on the signs with the inscription "Food Court". Some scattered around the entire shopping center.

The most interesting restaurant in Yas Mall is called Rollercoaster Restaurant (on the photo on the left, click on the photo to enlarge). Here, dishes and drinks come to visitors on special rails on small trolleys, imitating the attraction "American slides". It is worth viewing. The restaurant is designed for 360 visitors, waiting in the queue do not have to.

Where to buy alcohol

At the moment (November 2020) in Yas Mall there is no alcoholic shop. Let’s say more – there is not a single alcoholic store on the island. Alcohol is here only in bars hotels.


Adventure HQ Entertainment Center

Covers an area of ​​1 115 m2 on the first floor, place L1-162.

This is a children’s entertainment center with a wall for rock climbing, rope bridges and tracks, tarzanka and sports store.

But the main and interesting entertainment is an artificial cave system. Children may feel here real speller researchers. Such attractions in the world are now only two, the first in Yas Mall, the second in Ireland.

Children are allowed from 4 years.

Shopping Center Yas Mall

The attraction is paid in time, the price is 2 dirhams per minute. The minimum stay is 30 minutes.

Dream Aero

This is a real flight simulator at Boeing 737 NG airliner. It is on such simulators that pilots train. During the session, the visitor manages the virtual aircraft, next to the instructor.

Price: 300 Dirhams for 15 minutes, 550 dirhams in 30 minutes.

Other entertainment

The cinema Vox Cinema with 20 halls of tourists is little interesting. Films in our do not show here.

Fun Works Children’s Entertainment Center is a large playground, training workshops, carousels, cars, other rides, slot machines, pool with balls. All this is in the our shopping center, and spend the precious time of rest in the UAE on this center we do not make sense.

Yas Mall has its own Candylicious store, but it is much less Candylicious store in Dubai Mall.

SoftAir Battlezon is a tire and a platform for battles 2-9 people using Airsoft weapons, electric pneumatic weapons shooting balls and externally imitating real weapons. Airsoft weapons are sold and used in ties in Russia everywhere, the point of spending time at this time is not in the UAE.

Geant Hypermarket

Brand Geant Middle Eastern origin, these supermarkets and hypermarkets are in the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain.

In this hypermarket you can buy a lot of colorful gifts from the UAE: Date, camel milk and dairy products. You can see prices and understand how expensive life in the Arab Emirates. GEANT HYPERMARKET has a large section of electronics, there are constantly different discounts.

Indoor ski slope

Apparently, the Yas Mall administration does not allow resting the fact that in the UAE just one indoor ski slope Ski Dubai in Dubai in the shopping center Mall of the emirates. Now the Yas Mall build a similar slope, the opening date has not yet been announced.

The shops

Of the well-known ours of international retail brands, we want to celebrate the stores: Debenhams, Go Sport, Virgin Megastore, Tryano.

For the rest of the stores, let’s just say: see, come in, choose, try on, and if you like it, buy.

Good to know

– In the southern part of the shopping center there are dancing fountains. Of course, it is not Dubai fountains on a scope, but still nice to see;

– In Yas Mall, six exchange offices of the currency and branches of banks. Exchange courses here are profitable. Read our article "Where and how to change money in the UAE";

– Yas Mall has Mobile Operators Etisalat and Du offices, both are on the lower floor. If you decide to buy a local SIM, then you here. Read our articles "Internet in UAE cheap" and "Calls from the UAE Dövoshevo".

Have a nice time in the shopping center, Yas Mall, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (Links below).

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