Shopping Center Terminal 21 in Pattaya.

On October 19, an interesting event occurred in Pattaya – a new shopping center opened Terminal 21. Total such complexes in Thailand 3. Thanks to this construction, Pattaya becomes the real capital of shopping in the country.

Address, opening hours

Located a new shopping center at the intersection of the 2nd and northern streets. With Jomtien can be reached on Tuk-Tuka without transfers.

The complex is open from 11 am to 11 pm. No weekend.

Shops in Terminal 21

The terminal is filled completely. Here you will meet brands, which in Pattaya has not yet been, such as NYX. Many boutiques of local designers will delight unusual things.

No doubt about food, there are almost everything from a simple kitchen to specific dishes, such as pizza with Durian. Hungry should be just impossible. Many restaurants for every taste and wallet please visit visitors.

Special attention deserves the Grand Center Point Hotel, located on the territory of the complex. Great location and beautiful views are already attracting tourists. The hotel has a mini water park. It is available only for living. On the 3rd floor, an excellent restaurant overlooking the bay.

Floors, stylization

In the building of the shopping center 6 floors. Each of them is dedicated to a separate country. Before entering the aircraft, and escalators and signs will remind you of the airport.

Floor G is dedicated to France, Paris

The main part of the boutiques here girls. A lot of cosmetics for leather and hair, clothes and shoes.

H&M in the shopping center is much larger than in Central Festival. There is also sports and youthful departments, which in Pattaya before it was not. In a two-story Uniqlo, a huge range. Popular brand Jaspal is also located on the floor G. Among the novelties of the NYX floor with an excellent choice of decorative cosmetics.

Floor M reflects the culture of London

Here from the most interesting – the second floors H&M and Uniqlo. Also a lot of sports boutiques and a large Futland supermarket.

1st floor &# 8211; Italy, Venice

If you need phones, accessories, appliances you here. Here are banks and jewelry shops.

2nd floor &# 8211; Tokyo, Japan

Stylized small boutiques offer many handmade designer products.

Lovers tasty eat this floor will like to taste. From the famous restaurant networks here you will find:

  • MK, a restaurant where it is preparing from the ordered products;
  • Shopping Center Terminal 21 in Pattaya.
  • Santa Fe, here is a delicious european food;
  • Sizeler will delight a variety of pizza;
  • Kfs, without chicken in deep fryer and potatoes, free;
  • Starbucks for delicious coffee lovers.

Cannot be bypass and beloved by local Chatramue. Thai tea hot, cold or frapp and strong coffee collected at the crowd of the crowd of the people.

On the second floor you will find shops of famous brands:

  • Nike;
  • Crocs;
  • Calvin Klein;
  • Lacoste;
  • Adidas;
  • Lee;
  • Levi’s and others.

3rd floor &# 8211; America, San Francisco

Fast food restaurants housed here:

Dairy Queen (ice cream);

Dunkin ‘donats (donuts);

Baskin Robbins and others.

On the 3rd floor there are huge Fudcourt, where money first put on the map, and then it pay for food, drinks and desserts. The balance of funds are issued at cash.

4th floor &# 8211; Hollywood

From the cinema here the sfx cinema. Showing films goes in Thai or English. There is a movie ticket from 100 (3.twenty USD) up to 900 baht (28.81 USD) depending on the site of the viewer.

This is the floor of entertainment and activity.

According to Terminal 21 reviews, not only the largest shopping center in Pattaya, but also a huge variety of varied photosone.

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