Shopping center "Safirmoll"

Shopping center «Safirmoll» – One of the shops of the popular trading network of the UAE, which was opened in Ras Al Khaima in 2008. The shopping center is located near the Al-Fahlad. The interiors of the shopping center were performed in the National Arabic style – it seems that you walk on some fabulous palace!

Shopping center «Safirmoll» Help 100 shops located on 500’000 kV. feet, and offers to buyers a wide range of products: here you can buy branded clothes and shoes, gold products, so popular in the UAE, art objects, furniture, products, and so. Interestingly, in the shopping center «Safirmoll» There are both expensive shops and budget outlets (for example, a store «Max»). Some presented brands are generally absent in Russia. It is noteworthy that the most running goods Safir Molla – Aromamasla, which tourists love to bring as a souvenir from Ras Al-Heima.

Shopping center

In addition to shopping, tourists in «Safir Molla» Can relax in the cafe, visit the restaurant of the Arabic kitchen. Young tourists will like the entertainment center with slot machines. On the 4th floor of the shopping center there is an entertainment center «Space City», which is an interesting sample of futuristic style. also in «Safirmole» A sports complex works in Ras Al-Khaim «Fitness Furst».

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