Shopping and prices

Czech national drink, beer, in stores costs from 9 to 15 kroons. Bars – from 25 to 40 kroons. Lunch in the restaurant (soup, fried pork with a garnish, vegetable salad, half-liter beer) will cost about 300 kroons. Do not order crab cocktail! 140 crowns and not tasty.

What is interesting, lunch in a snack bar "Fast Food" And in the restaurant at the hotel it is about the same, but the quality is in the last.

Middle food prices in network stores "BILLA" (in crowns):

Fruit canned food, 350 ml – 7.90;

Vermouth, 1l – 66.90;

Vodka, 0.5 l – 67.90;

Milenium beer, 0.5 l – 14.90;

Pepsi Cola, 2.5 l – 18.90;

Olives without seeds, 200 gr – 13.90;

Sausage with pepper, 1 kg – 69.90;

Ham pork, 1 kg – 79.90;

Ham Farm, 1 kg – 159.90;

Prague ham, 1 kg – 179.90;

Shopping and prices

Pineapple, 1 pcs – 29.90;

Mayonnaise, 500 ml – 26.90;

White bread, 360 gr – 9.90 (2 Batons 15.0).

Other goods. Popular Souvenir – Beer Mug. It can cost from 50 to 150 kroons. Better to buy them in specialized stores for the sale of beer.

Czech shoes and outerwear always famous. Pooh "Morozon-cutting" The jacket costs $ 150 – $ 180, the jacket is easier – about $ 90.

The main shop of Prague is considered a department store "Nobva". In this high-rise temple of trade, all: from Czech crystal to beer. Address: Namesti Republiky, 8. Opening hours: 08:00 – 19:00 (PND. – FRD.), 08:00 – 20:00. (ChVTV.), 08:00 – 18:00 (SBT.).

The historic landmark of Prague can be called a shoe store "Bat’a" on Wenceslas Square. This brand is known from pre-war times. A large Czech businessman in the sphere of shoe production of Bath after the war was forced to leave Czechoslovakia. In the period of the Communist Board, he became an American millionaire, but when the political situation in the country changed, a network of its shoe stores quickly recreated in the country. Address: Vaclavske Namesti. 6.

Shopping and prices

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